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  1. Please take these improvements into consideration: So morale has a big problem, I'm using Leicester City, and in real life, Vardy is first choice striker, and Iheanacho is second choice, and Iheanacho doesn't really complain a lot in real life, but in the game, he keeps on getting angry about not having games and wants to leave the club, even though I play him in champions league group stages, Carabao cups, FA cups. And even worse, players like Morgan, Benkovic, Gray, Barnes, Albrighton, Amartey, Choudhury, James, Fuchs and more get their morale really badly, even though they play like champions league group stages, Carabao cups, and FA cups. AI teams have 100% happy players and the worst morale they get are Happy, but they get 0 games. So 70% of my team is just sad. And if I play them in the premier league, the starting players will drop strait away even though I'm just resting them, or the games are not important. Morale needs to be fixed. This problem then leads to the another problem, and this is not having more than 1 squad sheet. I have my starting 11, and when I want to play my subs and my reserves, I have to switch them all around, and then back afterwards. It be really nice having the First team sheet, then the second team sheet and then the youngsters team sheet. It's really hard getting the exact second team backwards and it be better and easier if we had more than 1 squad sheet. Next is about Transfers and Loans. I used to have a Salford City career mode, and I at the time I was in the Championship. I was missing a CB and I had like 15 Million. So I decided to get some young players from teams in the Premier League. I wanted to get Roberts from Manchester City, and I knew players from Manchester City wouldn't want to go to a small club in the championship. But note that Roberts is a fringe player and gets 0 games. He should be willing to join a Championship side that's doing fine. But no, they say it won't be beneficial to their career, even though they are not playing any games. So I think "probably he doesn't want to leave his club or something" So I try to loan him in, but he 'snubs me'. I see youth players from the premier league get loaned into League 2. But somehow I cant get a loan in, and I'm in the championship? My team rating is around 68, and Roberts was 69 rated at the time. So he would be a good fit. But I can only get players with 50 rating into my team, and I wont use 50 rated players, so the loan system is a kind of broken. I should be able to get Premier League youth players that get no games onto my Championship team shouldn't I? Note that the AI championship teams can loan players from Premier League. Sometimes when I'm in my squad sheet and I'm sorting out the players I want to be loan listed, I accidentally press Transfer List, and Immediately the player gets sad, even though I cancel the transfer list button. Then he starts doing bad and everything goes wrong. We should be able to cancel the transfer list button so he wont be sad. And players that dont get a lot of game time should be happy that they are loan listed, not sad. Back on the Leicester City Career mode, and I'm want some backup players, so I go around searching for some 60-70 rated players (my starting lineup had an avg overall of 87.8). I sign around 3 backup players. I bought them for backup and I was looking for giving them around 5-15 games a season. But every player I buy for backup, will think they are first team quality and get angry. I had Richie Towell in my Salford City career mode, and when I was in the premier league, and he was 49 rated, aged 37, he still asked for games. So the thing that needs fixing is that we get to choose and tell the player what role he has, or something like that. Simming day by day is sometimes a bit boring, so it be really nice if there was a calendar and we could sim a week or something. Normally in my save, I loan a lot of players out, and when they come back at the end of the season, it messes with the squad sheet and first team players get yoinked into the reserves. It should be fixed by that all players coming back go into the reserves. Things like finishing facilities/stadiums,should not really cost real money, speeding up things should be sped up with more cash, not coins. We should be able to request managing a club.
  2. I don't know if it's the same for you guys, but I'm doing a Chesterfield road to glory, the team are currently in the championship, and I wanted to but some players around 68 rated. but I couldn't do any useful transfer. I have a team averaged 68 rated, which means I should buy players in around that overall. But I can't. I can't buy players in bigger teams even though they are fringe and do not play. Even if they are transfer listed, they will be 'not interested'. This is the example I had: I was missing a CAM spot, so I went to the transfer list, and there was Patrick Roberts from Manchester City. He is a fringe youth team player. So I should of been able to buy him because surely he himself would want more game time, but he doesn't, and I can't do it for any player who is in a big league. Smaller league players are bad and I don't need them, but I can't purchase the players from bigger clubs. I had a Leicester City career, which I won 3 champions leagues, but players from big teams still didn't want to sign for leicester because it "wasn't good for their career to join" Really needs a change
  3. I don't know if it's the same for you guys, but I started a chesterfield road to glory, and I was a bit low on money and needed a loan, but I couldn't do any loans that were useful. I have a team averaged 68 rated, which means I should loan players in around that overall. But I can't. I can't loan in any players over 50 rated. But 50 rated players are so useless to me. AI teams can loan in any rated players, but I cant loan in players over 50 because they will just snub me, which just breaks the loan system. We could fix this so that teams with alot of youth talent such as Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Arsenal and other teams can allow smaller teams to loan the player, and the player will not snub us. Surely the big teams will want the younger fringe players to play more
  4. I don't know if it's the same for you guys, but it is for me and my friends. This is that nobody will approach your teams players, and instead you'll just have to transfer list them, this means you'll get less than his value and the board will give you a Bad Financial Confidence. We need to have more request from the other teams, instead of us transfer listing and loan listing
  5. To be able to change squads such as the best 11 and the second team, instead of having to replace players every game
  6. I'm doing a Salford City Road To Glory, and I'm a bit short on money. I decide to loan in some players. But I can't loan ANYONE! They just 'snub' me even though they are around 58 rated, and my team has an average of 60, so I don't understand why. What even is the point of teams loaning out players if they aren't gonna let you. Think about this: Manchester City want to loan out a young 57 rated player, smaller teams will want to loan them in, but they are not allowed to because they are snubbed, but big teams wont want to loan players because they will never play, so what's the point of a team putting a player into the loan list??? Please help SM2020 Please help!!!
  7. 98 rated regen Cori Cacciatore and 92 rated regen Frank Lovic. GEMS
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