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  1. Yer there seems to be some players just wont sign for some teams I have played 10 seasons and won Prem , Cups , CL and still Fati wont sign I have upgraded every part of the faclities as well and still Fati wont sign It seems some players just wont go to some clubs I guess in real life it can be like that
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    Hello, I seem to have an issue with signing some players When ever i try to sign Ansu Fati from Barca the club accepts the offer but the player rejects the move I have tried to buy this player with all top 4 teams in every league Real, PSG, BDB, Man City , Ajax Every time the same thing happens , he just wont sign He wont even take a lone move even though he is listed by Barca for a loan Is any one else having this issue ? maybe with a different player Cheers
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