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  1. umano

    important tips

    The multiplayer game uses very nice, realistic and updated quotes. Even the old single game had them and it was beautiful. I do not understand why for this new version you have introduced these new quotations, if I were you I would restore the classic ones, and insert the notifications when the players go up in level (as was the old single player). (Google translate)
  2. umano

    Best players

    Best Player: Neymar / Cristiano Ronaldo / Messi / Hazard / Best Young: Mbappè / Werner / Upamecano / Lafont / Donnarumma / G. Jesus Don't buy: Dembelè / Coman / Brandt / Rashford / Asensio / Christensen / Barbosa / Weigl My advice: Muriel / Papu Gomez / Perisic / Kessie / De Vrij / Manolas / Ilicic / Gagliardini
  3. umano

    tips and improvements

    updating 1. teams earn too much money, the problem has not been solved. with the WBA at the end of the season I had 75 million to spend, I took Bale and Nainggolan. it is not realistic 2. The offers of the teams also arrive at the season ended now (they also come in half) the problem is that it always goes up, once I get to Real the only other team that I can train is Barca, I can not level off , for example after three seasons at Real I would like to be able to go to a smaller team. 3. The statistics of a player during the season in my opinion are wrong, some I read 3-4 appearances when I'm sure I have made them play a lot, others have 2-3 goals and instead I'm sure they have made at least 10-12 4. The team of the month is always wrong, it inserts random players and in unfair roles. 5. It would be nice to have the chance to enter the shirt numbers and see them in the 2D game to recognize the players 6. it would be nice if the renewals of the contract were inserted, any clauses etc. 7. the loans would be better, there are some market sessions where I do not get any requests despite having many young people on the loan list
  4. 1. the teams earn too much money, at the end of the first season with the inter I had 80 million to spend 2. job offers should arrive at the end of the season, or sooner but the actual change of the team should take place in June / July, otherwise a team will be abandoned in the middle of the championship 3. the noble players should avoid small teams, at least at the beginning. with Atalanta I managed to take many samples including mbappè, it is not realistic 4. the injuries are always a lot. every season I play at least 3 players out for 5-6 months 5. in the popularity tab, the print item is always at zero, I do not understand why 6. the offers from the players on the transfer list always come only from very small teams (icardi and perisic I have sold them both to frosinone) it is not realistic 7. workouts every week are annoying, you should be able to set up automatically and not having to see them every time
  5. umano

    Job Offer

    job offers should arrive between one season and another ... not in the middle of a season
  6. umano

    Game for PC?

    hi. i play at SM single player with my browser when the game will updated? sorry for the english (translate)