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  1. The best players play like complete shit. Neymar. Mbappe do not stand up to any criticism. Do not correspond to your skill, these are all drawn numbers that do not affect the game, you can lose to a team with a common skill of players 68. This applies to all top teams, more than two the team rarely scores goals, although there are players with a skill under 90 in the team. These are not players who play badly, it’s your hands that grow out of the wrong place, that you spoil these players and the game as a whole.
  2. Denis227

    Bugs transfers

    Why are the Flamengo players not put up for transfer after several seasons. In particular, the player Gabriel Barbosa ??? played 2 seasons, but I can only add him to the rental list, what kind of nonsense ??? Correct.
  3. Denis227


    I found a bug in the game. When an opponent has an assist moment, during this moment go to the menu and change the defense setting, for example, high backline, then return to the game and the opponent will not use this assist moment and will not score a goal for you, and so do it every time, and you can play with strong teams without losing goals.
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