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  1. The team logo doesn't appear on the players shirt
  2. It occurred twice however I managed to escape the first when I finished playing my 37/38 game of the premier league season
  3. I got an error appeared on my save game when finishing the end of the season and I am unable to submit it
  4. he Soccer Manager 2021 appears like its a whole different game and has improved a lot with some brand new features that I and others required in the game such as Friendlies, Replay and new Animations which I'm extremely happy. Training: Previously I disliked the training system on SM21 that I viewed from youtube and assumed this was the equivalent training system on SM18 and SM19 nevertheless when handling I think this was a tremendous improvement from SM2020 and now has my full intention than I did on 18' and 19'. 😀 Match Engine: The Match Engine has also developed a lot. if I aspired to change something it would be becoming closer to the action because it's tough to recognise from a far away particularly if you have a phone and not a tablet and so I have to rely on replays to show the goals. ( it is very laggy right now.) Schedule: You have listened and introduced arrange friendlies which I'm happy, however, I would adore to sim through to months or days in case of there's not an important game coming up Stadium / Facilities: Fantastic, no need for more improvement 😍 Animations: Bang on. 😎 If there's one thing I wanted it would be presenting " player to watch " like in PES Finance: Amazing! Why wasn't there Sponsors in the first place??? 😀 Others - Rap Theme / Latin Song - Change of theme For Example, when it's Champions League it has blue blights. Conclusion: SM21 is great and is moving into the right step
  5. Theo(SM Support) Can I be able to put feedback I have the SM21 Beta
  6. Thank you for answering my question and keep up the good work on SM21👍
  7. I have the Huawei MediaPad T3 and does have a Google play store services however how can I access the Beta (if I get chosen) when they're only two option.
  8. Does the Beta Work for a Huewei device ?
  9. I already made 2 but I got so much in my head Some in the List I already added SM21 Ideas - Arrange Friendly - Player asking to leave for a bigger club - Player Swap in Transfers - International Break + International Jobs - In depth of Press Conferences that can not only affect media but players - Team Talk at the start and the end - Animation of a team lifting the trophy - Limit people in stadiums - Real Name and Faces and on Chairmen - In dept of News ( Player in good form, Player who has been picked for international duty, Player Rumour of moving to a different club) PLEASE DONT PUT IN INBOX - Realism on Player Faces - Add a Rap Theme Song to your Game - Change in Background during matches For Example The Champions League Would have a blue background - Talk to Team or Player - Add VAR
  10. SM 21 Ideas - Negotiations with other clubs contain exchange (players) deals - Custom tactics - The Animations are common causing me to acknowledge if my team will score or concede - Making the Faces of the Players Realistic Especially when you zoom in the player face when a team score - Different Camera views for matches -During Matches, you can get a popup of who holds more shots on target and others -More Press Conferences that don't only affect the media but the players. - Animation of a team lifting the trophy - Team talk - Skill Animation - Other Match Highlights - More Transfers Especially for Clubs that are not Big - Transfer Rumors - Sacking of Manager - Players Wanting to leave if they have had an offer rejected by a big team - Arrange Friendly Games - Release Clauses -Player Interaction Hope you guys do my ideas and I will hopefully enjoy your game.
  11. List of Ideas for Soccer Manager 2021: P.S I really hope you listen 1) Calender to sim dates 2) Player Conversation (For Example) Players want to play more games, Players thanks the Manager and Players who want to get sold 3) Upgrade the Players Face to make it more realistic 4) Animation for a Player Signing 5) Have More different celebrations 6) Press Confrences that could affect the board or player morale 7) During the matches we can see latest score(opitional) or transfers 😎 We get to choose our friendlies 9) Social Media 10) Annimation of winning trophies 11) Team talks before March starts that could affect performances 12) Youth League I hope your listening I have been playing your game since the first in 2015 and saw huge improvements please don't let us down. I know you can do this.
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