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  1. You need to play champions league and win it, or other higher championships to have other job offers outside England. You can also manage other tems by using coins to take control over them. When you take control over a new team money is adjusted according to the team's budget at the moment you get it, also you will need to start over if you upgraded stadium and the other club facilities. Hope this info can be helpful!
  2. Two days ago, when attempting to load he game it came with my team lost. As you can see on the screnshots the team emblem is lost also it came with the next game date as of jan 01 0001 which is wrong, and after entering on the game it shows all lost, clickable areas are not clickable, my money, coins and all progress is lost, no way to get back what I had since I am a VIP member. Is there any way to get this resolved? I was really pleased with the game, but this situation is dissapointing. I tried to contact support from the game support seccion but I have no answer either by mail or through the game. I really need help...
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