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  1. ADDING A FOOTBALL ACADEMY A football academy should be added which would contain as much as 21 players within ages 9 and 15. These players can not be started in regular matches no matter how good they've become. No limit should be placed in countries ie. a manager can choose to get his football academy players from all countries available in the game. These players can rate between 10 and 35, this being because, a player of age 9 has a long way to go and a long time to reach his potential. Mind you potential of academy players should not be disclosed AT DEPARTURE when a manager departs a club, his establishment at the club should not be rendered null, ie. when a manager builds a stadium of capacity 120,000 at a club who's former capacity is 7,500, let those numbers not change. MAXIMUM RATINGS The game's maximum players rating should be 97 SACKING OF COACHES after a bad season or two, a club can decide to sack a coach. Even coaches who came with the game should be sacked after bad seasons ie. Guardiola can be sacked, if he does something worth being sacked. Also coaches can also retire. In past games, from SM18-20 the coaches remain at the same club for 40-50 years which is not normal. FUTURE PLAYERS future players should have faces on their players cards, just like in fifa20 career mode SUBSTITUTION mid-match substitution should be allowed in the quick play option. MAMATCH VIEWING 3D images should be shapened, to meet the taste of the players, a resemblance should be noticed in player faces. MATCHES The matches should all be in normal movement but a match should last 3mins, this way, one can enjoy watching games, especially when his team is having a good day at work. The fast-foward option should still be added. If you like my suggestions, please create a player named CHUKWUEMEKA RAPHAEL as part of the future players and also, let him be one of the best. Also you can send some money to your broke suggester 😂 acc. No: 2264493615 acc. Name: CHUKWUEMEKA RAPHAEL bank name: ZENITH BANK
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