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  1. To SM20, Game is awesome I must say 👌🏻 I’ve played many of them but this one Perfectly designed. BUT there are some improvements that needs to be done NO THIRD KIT🤐 NO COMMENTARY 🥴 NO MANAGER AT SIDELINES NO MAN OF THE MATCH PRESENTATIONS AT LEAST THERE SOULD BE AN ANNOUNCEMENT 🤷‍♂️ NO SUBSTITUTION BOARDS😷 CHAMPION PRESENTATION CERMONY🤢🤮 NO SWAP DEAL IN LOAN DEALS PLAYERS ARE STUBBORN 😅 hard to bargain NO VAR😂 NO COACHING TEAM LIKE MANAGER OTHER-COACHES ,PHYSIO, allow Players to appoint these People 😐 Club DOCTOR or Physio 🥼 Long term Injuries There is No Presentation of Cup to champions after winning This is absurd Please add that thing and manager Reactions a Press conference type firstly play area needs to be Improved There is no Manager in side lines and No substitutions Players no coaching team This is bad😑 Goal celebrations are Joke Just add few more animations 😭😭 No Profile for manager Allow us to create Profile like Name ,Nationality, Age, Sex, Career Leauges won Etc... there’s only Goal 🥅 awards add still some more 1. There is No Logo team displayed that is very disappointing to fans i can understand copying logo leads to copyright infringement allow users to design their own logo something like that would be good 2.No commentary Just sounds of spectators that's bad adding commentary would be good actually it will be amazing 3. Stadium modifications needs to be improved a little 4. no announcement after player signing like Press meet type Like a Photograhy Section create Some news media of own name that would helpful like some thing New york news soccer news Bla bla 5. Very standard media questions and answers a Press meet should be kept something like that and More questions need to be asked 6.No swap deal in Negotiations this is really important update 7. Allow to create Manager avatar show the manager in game or Allow to create manager Profiles 👨‍🏫 like basic details Age ,Sex, Date of birth , stats like No of leagues won Managerial Career ,Games won ,Games lost 8. Players cost is Too high But Prize money is too Low just 30 Million for Premier league ok but For champions league Its very low FA CUP And Leauge Cups are Jokes I can’t even believe I personally brought more amounts of money 💴 but all of them just completed in Just one Transfer My God Seriously 😐😢 Iam sorry i may sound Harsh But these improvements are Basic because I spent much money 💴 here in game iam Just expecting Improvements
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