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  1. Thank you so much, really hoping I get the invite, thanks for the reply
  2. Sorry , please when is the beta invite for Android users going to be sent, so far, I think it's only IOS users....I'm an Android user, so I wanted to get Info on the date for beta invite on Android devices, thanks for the good work..
  3. I feel the budget shouldn't be too high, giving managers and equal playing ground, plus I think it's based on the teams budget after the concluded transfer period, not before the transfer period....cause already signed players are in the team squads.....which means part of the original transfer budget has been used
  4. Nice ideas...it'll take a while for them to come out, but their all brilliant ideas, really love the one on international management, it's something that'll take the game higher...I think.
  5. I really feel an improvement on the national team setup would be best for the app, getting national team job offers just like club offers, and also....players leaving on international duty....which would all require international tournaments....The Euro's, Copa America, AFCON....and most importantly, the World cup.
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