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  1. Same man I really was looking forward to it and every day it’s delayed by something unfortunate. Couldn’t even get to play it yet.
  2. I think the red dot represents that it’s a TestFlight beta. However I have the exact same problem it goes back to the home screen and crashes. Hope they find a solution.
  3. Guys do you mind giving me another test flight email. Here’s evidence that I had the original email. I was so happy.
  4. Mate I can’t even enter the interface it glitches to the home screen right after I press the load game button. I’ve been patient all this time. It’s starting to anger me. Is there a way I can fix it SM?
  5. Kmt what is going on. Why is it freezing and going back to the home screen.
  6. I hope they update us. Been waiting ages for the beta.
  7. I know they are probably doing all they can to fix it but at least post a warning on social media to let people know about the error. They’ve given another batch of managers out yesterday but didn’t warn them about the error before hand. More confusion will lead from this.
  8. Guys how’s long do you think it will take to fix? Take your time but just an estimate maybe?
  9. You can see the interface on King Pacybits YouTube he’s got the Alpha. Lots of gameplay.
  10. Lots of hype for this very moment 😂 hope you guys can fix the issue ASAP.
  11. Don’t worry you’ll get your code soon. You don’t have to convince them 😂.
  12. An SM support staff has said the email from SM wasn’t just a confirmation that we have been invited. We just have to wait for the build to be given to everyone. Check below ⬇️ We
  13. Same lol I was so happy and now we’ve ended up here 😂 hope it gets fixed.
  14. Just to let you know you aren’t alone mate, don’t worry. Same with me. Let’s just hope they sort it out because it’s my first beta.
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