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  1. Alex, so far the game is excellent, but I have two ideas I believe would make a huge impact. 1. Legends - I believe if you add roughly 20 Legends to the game, and you make them available 1-2 times throughout each season, it would make the game much more interesting and create nostalgia for a lot of players. Also, this keeps players engaged with your game and keeps us always looking forward to the spotlight players update after each match or time stamp. 2. Better Player Models - I understand this might not be a main focus and almost impossible at this stage to make much di
  2. Alex, so I’m playing the beta and I noticed we can spend real money in the store. If I spend money will the progress carry over to the full release? I would like to buy some bundles and etc. reveiw so far: menus look very nice, the store and spotlight is a big improvement, the animations are much smoother and you’ll notice that headers and challenges in the air have significantly improved. Goalkeeper animation is huge for me and I believe it could be improved. The diving should be more fluid and more dramatic. Goalkeepers in one on one situations like to sprawl out, this should be added
  3. Thank you for your kind response to the manner
  4. Hello, I got an email that I was invited to join the beta but haven’t received a TestFlight code to redeem. Let me know what steps we should take. Thank you!
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