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  1. Every time I try to load into a game it crashes (I am on an iPhone 7 if this helps)
  2. Literally my players have 40 or 60% energy after one game. You can’t play the same squad 2 games in a row. I think it was added for realism but it is just annoying and unrealistic. I think sm20 energy is more realistic
  3. Hi I want to see other people’s feedback so I can have an opinion on it 😂
  4. If they don’t fix it today I’m gonna get impatient 😂
  5. Yeah Apple is pretty slow on things sometimes
  6. Dude they’re trying to sort it out calm down it’ll be fixed eventually
  7. I keep checking my Email waiting for it still 😂
  8. Read this whole conversation and you’ll find out 😂
  9. I keep checking my Email waiting for it 😂
  10. Can’t wait for the beta to be fixed 👍
  11. My club has gone into debt before and I’m pretty sure nothing happens but I do f know because I was in debt for a brief amount of tim
  12. I accidentally sent it twice so I edited this one
  13. Glad to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t recieved the code and I hope it gets sorted out because I am exited beyond belief to get picked and will be gutted if I end up not getting it😭😭
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