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  1. Sorry I didn’t express myself properly, I was meant to say when I open the email feature/fixture within the game thats when it would crash/force closes.
  2. I have updated the beta to its latest version and the game keeps force closing, so once again I started a new save but as soon as I go to pick a club the game force closes. Which makes the game unplayable. For me this problem started from the previous update, I have an iPhone 7 which is updated to the latest IOS version. Thanks
  3. I have updated the beta to the latest version, and my previous save had too many problems as it kept force closing the app, so I started a new save and it keeps force closing the app as soon as I read an email.
  4. I can’t get past 1st July 2021, is the beta only for one season or should I wait for an update? Thanks
  5. I have updated the app to its latest version and now you can go past 01 JAN 2021 which is great, but now the transfer market is back open I cant offer a contract to any player who has less than 6 months left. Also a lot of the time at the end of the month or the beginning of the next one, the team of the month or club player of the month never shows in the inbox but when i click on the player of the month icon it then shows up, it also happens with some transfer bids from other clubs. The game seems to drain my battery and while making my phone heat up, I have an iphone 7, is this due to having an older device or something you are working on?? Lastly, since the new update when moving players into new positions in the tactics screen it pops up with a message that says AN ERROR WAS DETECTED IN YOUR SAVED GAME. Keep up the good work.
  6. I can’t get passed 01 Jan 2021, the game just crashes every time. Is anyone having the same problem as me? Or have some work around?
  7. Every time I try and load my saved game it keeps coming up with error box saying there is an error detected in your saved game, the screens then starts flickering and it’s slightly grey, lastly the buttons aren’t working for me to select an option to move on
  8. Alex, I’ve noticed that since the update the game keeps crashing either just before kickoff or just after the final whistle . Anyone else having the same problem?
  9. Same here, so many 0-0 draws or if win it’s mostly 1-0 that’s playing attacking
  10. Hi, I received an email from you about being excepted into the BETA but I haven’t received an email from TestFlight. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks Paul
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