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  1. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get sacked but I doubt the bug will be fixed. They’ve become very unresponsive as of late and are ignoring a large amount of bugs.
  2. Some of the issues you’ve mentioned such as the move being auto rejected because you took too long to respond even though you never got a notification have been around since at least last years. Thankfully, I haven’t had some of your more game-breaking bugs but I do agree that the players demands are ridiculous. It makes no sense that I have a player who wants to move to a bigger club but when an offer is made for him by a bigger club, he refuses it because he’s too loyal to my team. It’s also ridiculous that players demand wage and playtime increases constantly.
  3. I’ve reported 4 bugs in game, the first one being over a week ago, closer to two, and haven’t received a response for any of them and they haven’t been resolved either. I asked for help on Twitter and was once again ignored. I understand this game is somewhat of a recent release but the number of game altering bugs is frankly ridiculous, especially when coupled with an unresponsive support team.
  4. I’m currently playing as espanyol and can’t play ce sadabel. No matter which players or formation I use I get the message “invalid lineup” and have absolutely no clue how to fix it. It started when I was using the beta and when I officially downloaded the app from the App Store, the problem persisted. I have no clue how to fix this and I would really rather not restart my save.
  5. It actually removed every transfer and loan listed player in the entire game, which is just great.
  6. After the recent few updates the games been great except for the keepers and some strange looking gameplay. However, today when I reached my first time offseason, I was trying to sign a transfer listed player and after a few back and forth, the game crashed. This has happened before so I didn’t think much of it until I noticed that it had removed the transfer listed tag from every player on my short list. Obviously a big issue especially for those playing with small budget clubs like me.
  7. This is an issue in the all of the one league countries and the lowest tiers of the multi-league countries. May not seem like too big of an issue missing 1-3 clubs out of 10-22 but I feel like it really messed with the immersion.
  8. I do not know if this is just for the beta or here to stay but I would really appreciate if the smaller leagues had updated clubs and rosters. I really enjoy playing in Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Norway, etc. and none of these leagues have received updated clubs and while I haven’t checked each club I don’t think most have gotten updated rosters. I know most players probably stick to the big 5 leagues in Europe but it would be nice if you could show the others some love
  9. To me, the layout seems like it would work better the larger the screen used, and since I have a regular iPhone 8(4’’7 screen size), it doesn’t work well for me. I’m glad to know that those issues are being addressed, thank you!
  10. After playing it for a few hours I’ve got to say that the new layout is confusing, glitchy and overall a major downgrade from last years. The new features such as custom formations, youth development, and stadium building are all good. And the new transfers have a lot of potential (just fix huge clubs offering for 52 ovr 30 year olds, and increase the amount offered for those not transfer listed). To summarize, If the layout was reverted to last years and the features kept from this years I think it would easily be the best one yet
  11. I’m having an issue of not being able to use the “continue” button or “home” buttons. I’m stuck on the transfer search screen and can’t really navigate anywhere besides to my squad screen. I also can’t offer free agents contracts
  12. I’ve had a few issues with lag and transfers, every offer is low or player value and 99% come from within the league. Also teams like Bayern will attempt transfers for very low value 26+ years old for no reason. I’ve also had one crash backing out of the facilities menu. Other than that it’s pretty good. Still adjusting to the more complicated format though.
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