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  1. 1. The winners of the Golden boot, Playmaker or any award should be paid and the money will go to the club funds 2. Can the player decide who wins the club player of the month in a team, the club will automatically select top three contenders based on their accurate stats and ratings after a month play 3. Let the fan favorite options come in place, when a player’s departure or arrival can affect the attendance 4. Can we please have a constant gameplay so that if you switch to a new club, your former club will still maintain their budget, funds and stadium capacity whilst the new club will have maintain all accurate data from the previous season both stadium capacities and budget funds 5. Develop better interactions example: Transfer talks, Loan talks so that you can set the percentages, pre match and post match interviews 6. We need drama like scandals, fights in the locker room, player and coach encounters 7. Can we have a platform where you can talk to a player during the half time break, you can select a player and tell him to sit up and deliver instructions That is all for now, thank you as you consider my ideas SM4LYFE
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