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  1. I’m not trying to hate on the game or anything but you guys need to add more free saves, 4.99 for extra 2 saves is kinda ruff. With that money I can just get Football Manger 2020 from SEGA...
  2. Well I’m using Juventus and I’ve haven’t got any loans...
  3. Do any of you guys also have a problem of never getting loan deals with your own players you out as loan listed? It’s been to seasons and I’ve haven’t gotten a loan deal.
  4. This is what comes up on my screen when I try to look for free agents.
  5. I’m at the end of the season in July.
  6. Hey does anyone know how too look at the free agents and sign them?
  7. I can’t continue after this and in been stuck on it the past 2 days 😛
  8. After I play a game and it goes to the overview/stats/players it doesn’t let me continue. I tried both quick play and regular it doesn’t let me continue.
  9. Do you guys have any good tactics for me. I’m kinda struggling with one of the best teams in Europe lol.
  10. Most times it happens when I continue to a new day and I swipe left from the home page to the messages or I go to the training tab from home.
  11. There is also this weird glitch where it looks like the old SM2020 tabs show up in tabs like the inbox, facilities, etc. You can’t exit out of it either. It happens very often
  12. There is no connectivity when I try to connect my Apple ID to this game.
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