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  1. Hi still getting the above error even after the update
  2. Hi still getting the error after beta update
  3. Getting this now @Alex(SM Support)
  4. @Alex(SM Support) don’t be sorry mate better to take your time and get it right in my opinion 💪
  5. @Alex(SM Support) the update seems to have worked the game let me move past the date it was freezing on I’ll update you if the issue arises again 👍
  6. Thanks for the update @Alex(SM Support)
  7. Started another game but it did it again this time on a different date
  8. Yes the exact same one @Alex(SM Support)
  9. Loving the game but man can’t buy a win tried every trick I know maybe that needs looking at might put others off playing
  10. Really good so far big improvement on last year especially the quick match with highlights only thing I’d like to see is the ability to move players within the formation for example move the wingbacks to the line between defence and midfield other than that very impressed so far 😊😊
  11. Thanks Craig I restarted my iPad and it seems fine now
  12. Hi Alex im on an iPad Pro 11 and I haven’t been prompted to sync game center
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