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  1. Hey The new update says my device isn't compatible... What should i do?
  2. Ok But i was told that we are getting release clauses this year. See I talked to the twitter admin last year.
  3. I thought we were getting transfer clauses this year... but where is that?
  4. Hey Thanks This is sorted now I'm able to play the game finally. . Can i ask for something? Can we get to make substitution in quick play other than only half time? Please
  5. Hi I'm having this update issue. Please sort this out.
  6. I don't know I'm just waiting for it... Every day new drama unfolds. .. Lol I hope this update thing get sorted out soon That i can lay my eyes in it for the first time.
  7. I just downloaded the app and after opening it it says new update is available and when i click on the link no new update is showing... So i uninstalled and installed it again but still same problem.
  8. Please someone help me out... I'm invited for beta but not able to access it.
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