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  1. Cant progress too. with every team. I tried to reinstall the game but is nit working
  2. Pack King, I made a toppic about this and I am discussing with the SM team about solving it. The link :
  3. Hey Theo, I have an A40 from Samsung. I played Energie Cotbus and other teams-some other guys had the same problem. The problem is when I try to skip to the January transfer window the game freezes at 1 January and does not proceed further. Another problem I had is in the manager objectives window. There says I have good results and bad results. I do not know if this is a bug or no. Please solve the problem with the progress from 2020 to 2021 because I think it is for all of us. Write me back soon, Sergiu
  4. Also I cannot progress from 31 december 2020 to 1 january 2021. It is stuck
  5. About the bug that does not allow you to progress from 2020 to 2021
  6. It says Good Result and Bad Result and same with fans. Thank for your answer by the way
  7. Yes, it happened to me too. I was just about to ask and I saw your post and decided I am not alone. How do we fix it?
  8. Hello everyone! I like the game but am I the only one that experiences sometimes a bit of lagg? I have an A40 and I play since 2015. Now,about bugs. I entered one time the club features(academy, training) main screen and it showed something like line codes in the game data. I am not a hater, I really like Sm. Hope you will respond to me and I will continue my feedback soon. Bye!
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