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  1. I'd like to see the Manager points reward system given some level of intelligence. For example I get the same reward for beating a bottom of the league Serbian team as I do for thumping arch rivals Partizan 7-0 in our domestic cup final. Similarly beating Barcelona in the Champions League, a huge achievement with my comparatively lowly rated players gets me the same reward. It would be nice to see some sliding scale of reward instead of the current static one.
  2. Leon

    Players names

    Thanks for the response! It happened to my youth players and a few players I picked up on a free transfer. The most annoying part is my 72 rated 16 million pound (ish) goalkeeper randomly dropped to 65 points and is now worth only 4 million quid (along with the name change)
  3. Leon

    Players names

    I have this too (Android) Had a defender called Sarp Played the game for a season or two. Returned to the game, his skill levels have increased randomly and he has a new name. Played for a while with the new name, came back to the game today and he is back to being called Sarp again. This has also happened to a few of my other players - random name changes and skill level changes not in line with expected increases from training etc, just completely random increases or decreases of a few points at a time. Always after ending a session and starting another one, never mid gameplay.