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  1. Me too I have a Samsung galaxy tab a7.0 with more 16 GB space and 1.5 GB ram
  2. On play store it says that it requires android 5.1 and up to download but I still can't play with android 5.1.1 .
  3. Any updates on the "Your device is not compatible" issue ?
  4. Device is Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.0 , android version 5 .1.1
  5. The one thing I don't get it is how it was compatible in the first place and about 2 weeks later is not compatible
  6. Anyone knows what is the minimum android requirements from sm21?
  7. It will be released on the 14th of September .
  8. The App was compatible from the time it was on the play store but now after the latest update , it is no longer compatible . Is this a permaren't issue or will it be fixed when the full release comes out ?
  9. Yeah same issue with me . Although I'm on a different device
  10. My device is a Samsung Galaxy Tablet a7 I was able to install the beta last week ... but in play store it shows "your device is not compatible with this version " ... pls suggest a solution
  11. Can't even get to 2021 due to my app crashing and no option to save progress ...
  12. Also can't save the game which is quite annoying
  13. Hello , the app is really nice and realistic , but there are some issues * App crashes sometimes returning me to my home screen *Training, club zone , youth sections very laggy *Too many injuries * continue button skips too many days * when a replay is shown during quick play it is always a goal * player bodies not visible , only their head and shIrt number is visible Else everything is OK for now
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