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  1. Can you please update Russian League player ratings? Thanks.
  2. I get this when im setting up my team and during halftime when im making changes.
  3. I noticed that a lot of players suddenly change their peak. Like i don't know how a 25-26 year old that says developing after training 1/3 of my team is past their peak. As i mentionied in previous comments, revamp that system! Also revamp on training slots, make all training slots available from level 1 and make the upgrades on the training give you more effective trainings.
  4. Firstly please revamp the peak. Make it to be dependent on form (rating, goals, assists). If a young player is on fire he should skyrocket while an older one (30+) should in some aspects. Its stupid to see 25 year olds saying that its past their peak. Fix the stamina problem so my players arent 60-80% stamina including benched and reserves. Also i noticed that A LOT of players of my team are getting injured and the number goes up.
  5. Hey there, I'll be playing out the beta and correcting all the bad things that are there. Hope you listen to my feedback :).
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