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  1. My device is Xiaomi redmi 6a . In my device I am having trouble to link my google play account with the game. I am currently using version 1.0.8.
  2. Yes . When start a new game it works. Everything works fine. But when game close itself during match, and I play again the match , then after the match it shows unable to save. When it shows this , I can't save the game from settings menu too.
  3. Yes my game version is 1.0.5 . And my device is Xiaomi 6a. It's happened when the game close itself during a live match.
  4. The game close itself a lot. If game close itself during playing a match , then it slows "unable to save the game data" , when I finish the match . At this time I am stuck in the fixed savings data. I can play farther but can't save game data. Need to fix it.
  5. I tried 3 times with 3 different teams . But after a month later the game says "it unable to save , please try again later " . That the reason I can not play farther.
  6. Please make the camera view more closer like sm20.
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