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  1. Hey Muhammmad, I believe SM is working on adding the Malaysian Language and its league. As you know, English is one of the most used languages in the globe its only natural for SM to use it as a default language in-game.
  2. Hey, I totally believe SM is working on that and we would soon get the access to Indian leagues, its gonna be fun.
  3. Hey Momim, I don't know the Nokia you are talking about but I want to believe that it is one of the latest Nokia devices which are touch screens. Also, Theo (SM support) said that SM was made incompatible for some devices because they are too sub-standard for the optimal experience of the SM 21 game, so I suggest that you could either get a laptop to play it on or if your phone is a supported device, then you probably should be able to play the game.
  4. Absolutely right Theo, Pc's are the best!!!!!
  5. I completely agree with you Arthur that the advertising and the internet use of the game diminishes the height of consumer experience but I believe that this is the only way the game could actually make money, through being paid for ads and through people using the internet. I completely understand that people who don't have internet find it hard to enjoy the game but people who do have internet even enjoy it more so its kind of a fair argument. Also, I believe that these perks are just perfect substitutes compered to when you have to pay for the game like FM, but SM is completely free. You do
  6. Hey good day salty Chancelor, I believe SM is working hard on adding International teams and all the competitions that takes place with international teams. It would only take time and I fully support your idea. Looking forward to be able to use the USA to win the world cup!!!! ­čśé
  7. Hey Olox, I totally agree to what you said and I was just like you. If you find out that small teams are beating you, then try and be on a more attacking or normal depending on how good your team is and it is impossible for you not to loose so if you do, try and work on a tactic. For example, in my Tottenham save, I have a lot of 90+ players and I was usually playing on defensive sometimes and I lost those games, but when I changed, it resulted for the better. I also definitely agree that more formations should be added to the game, but remember that you can adjust formations to your preferred
  8. I totally agree with you bro about your suggestions. For your phone getting hot, I would just suggest that you try and download the game from steam to your laptop and I'm assuring you that you would have a very optimal experience because that's how I play the game. For all other game updates, I believe everything you said is indeed plausible and SM will definitely look into it, but I think it would take time for the game to become all of what you expect, probably in the next seven years (LOL). But anyways, I feel that like just as you said, the injuries are crazy and the sub system in the game
  9. Yeah Joe, I think you are right!!! I am enjoying my Tottenham save again because I am winning games. The problem was that my team was full of 90+ rated players but I wasn't using the right tactic. Instead of using attacking, I was using normal or defensive causing me to loose games. I am now back on track and I have won so many games with my Tottenham side including the prestigious Champions League Trophy. I really appreciate because your advice was a catalyst to unprecedented success in the game save both for now and the future.
  10. Hey Bruno, I don't know what's wrong that causes your game not to be on par with your internet but I promise you, its not the game. I live in the USA, with full internet access and I play the game without connection problems. Also, for optimization, I think its on what device you play the game. I play the game on my laptop and it flows as smooth as ever because my laptop meets the requirements for the game and I would suggest that if you have problems with optimization, if you have a laptop, download the game from steam and play, I promise you would enjoy it.
  11. Hey bro, do you also agree with me that scout reports should be more detailed and even suggest how the team should play. I think it would go a long way in helping to plan tactics. I also am looking forward to them fixing the chemistry of players in the sense that even if a new player has a low chemistry in the first season, it can rise in the seasons following. I really think that would be a great addition.
  12. Yeah Scorpion, that's a good idea, an Egyptian league. It would be definitely fun to be able to play the leagues of whatever countries we reside in and I am sure Soccer Manager is looking into that. I can't wait for it!!!!!
  13. I can assure you as a big fan that Soccer Manager is working on that and every manager would have an optimal experience in years to come. The idea behind the game is to build it step by step so as to allow every manager to enjoy the game. Imagine if all the updates were released at once, people would enjoy it initially but Soccer Manager would be left with no more updates to introduce. I want to assure you Jahlaflare that in no time, Soccer Manager would add the feature of players being able to train in new positions and as a player too, I am highly looking forward to it and anticipating it. A
  14. No problem, I believe the game is working on that.
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