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  1. Well yes Salty, it has been one of the best transfer windows so far. The thing is that when a save starts, it becomes another world completely and that's exactly what Donny is trying to say. We see crazy transfers out of football's wildest dreams which now completely eliminates the landscape which the save was started with.
  2. I just hope the game is worth the hype!! Cause I'm coming back for them if its not!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Please I beg you Soccer Manager Devs for SM 22, please work on team chemistry, players that have joined a club should see an increase in team chemistry as they continue to get acquainted with the club, if its 80 at first, it shouldn't remain 80 forever, it should rise because these players are playing with the same team and training with them, day in, day out. Also please, let transfer budget be an actual thing, or season budget, anyway it could be called. The board should be willing to put into the club every season a reasonable amount of money that can help the team achieve their goals for the next season and the budgets should also be reflective of the team's financial status, for example, Man City would always have a big budget because of the wealth of the club. Big money streams shouldn't just come from transfers, sponsorship payments or prize monies, the board must be responsible for the club too!! Lastly, I believe adding the Media in a more in-depth format would bring more realism to the game. Football is all about media these days; Pre match and Post match conferences, unveiling new signings, talking about potential transfers with the press and all that. Also, the conferences shouldn't be limited to one question like in the SM 2020 game, it should be interactive, The press asks, the boss or player responds until the press are actually satisfied with all the answers.
  4. Just like I think I told Salty earlier, its a manager game and its very unlikely for Soccer manager to want to add such a feature because it takes away the managing aspect and you are now in control of your players making it more like FIFA. I definitely would love to see it added (So that I can jump in and help my team when we are losingπŸ˜‚) but I don't think its going to be the best experience, Its just like saying adding the feature to Football Manager, a powerhouse manager game.
  5. Great point Chancellor, these are great teams definitely to use and it would be interesting to see how the game plays out using these teams you have called. As for me, I might use either Barca, Tottenham, Leicester City, Chelsea or Everton.
  6. As Salty Chancellor always say, download steam and get the game on PC. Top notch experience.!!!
  7. Yes Yes definitely, I think that would work. The Not Needed option would help the player recognize his place on the team and help him make a decision on his future; whether he stays at the club and decides to prove himself or go and try a new adventure. I know that it should be included because its definitely a real thing in the Football world because there are definitely fringe players who don't play so often therefore making them not so needed by the club.
  8. Yeah, I definitely think that would be a great feature, at least when our teams are losing, we can jump in and save it!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I'm thinking though that SM may not implement it because it says Soccer manager and managers don't play games, they give the tactics quite alright and set instructions but the game is up to the players. Anyways I would love to see that feature.
  9. Do not forget the training, the training should be massively upgraded and player plans should be specific stating how long it would take a player to grow to the next two ratings. Also, the team chemistry, the team chemistry should be improved every season if not every training session, both for the team and the players. Players that join a team new, although they have a low chemistry initially should always be something that improves as the player gets accustomed to his new teammates. Media presence should be highly worked upon giving interesting details regarding issues in game and an upcoming match. I think these added to the above would make a great game for SM 2022.
  10. Yeah I think those are great suggestions. I definitely believe that the ability to manage international teams should be included, to create your own manager avatar. The idea of playing with others in real time is not so much of an idea I am onboard with but its a great idea regardless. For me personally, I don't just like multiplayer games sometimes, because it so pushes you to the limits because you play against humans and not the CPU making it real hard but it is a great suggestion.
  11. Hey SaltyChancellor, I agree with you that transfers are sometimes not realistic but what is it to you if you as a manager is capable of competing against those teams. I know its really unrealistic that Ronaldo moves to spurs and that's totally never gonna happen, but I think its possible that Vinicius Jr. could go to Dortmund, various things happen in game that reflect a fantasy world and increase the appetite to compete for players. The key is that it is mostly the first year of the game that's in line with the real world, the following years don't follow the real world so think its fair to expect some things to be wild. No offence πŸ˜‚
  12. All of you are making really great points. I think that the training section should be really worked on and improved upon. Player plans should be made more specific and there should be like a time frame that shows you how long a player could probably get to their next rating. For example, if a player is an 89 rated player, the training screen should show how long a player needs to hit the next rating (maybe in terms of weeks/months, anyhow would be fine) and I think it would really increase anticipation. I also think the chemistry should be worked on, like a player's chemistry should be improved every season because he plays with the same teammates. I also think that the finances should be improved big time, like the board should be willing to invest a huge amount of money into the club, not just a little as is observed in SM21. For example, in my Tottenham save, I won the champions League and the board only gave me 17 miller the next season, that is a way small amount of money and if not because of prize money and sponsorship, I wouldn't have had enough money to even sign a player on loan. Please let the board give a reasonable amount of budget every season, please. The usual investment for a club in a modern football world is at least 50 miller.
  13. Its been a long time since I have written so for someone like me writing, I guess I have somethings that I would really like to see addressed in SM22. The first thing I would really want to be addressed is player chemistry. We all know that in the real world, player chemistry improves every season if not every game. It baffles me that I sign a player lets say with an original chemistry of 80. I obviously expect that to rise every season because that player plays with the same teammates week in-week out, so there should be at least an improvement in chemistry for a signed player every time. I don't believe it should be static, it should be on the rise as the player gets more familiar with the club. Secondly, I would like the media presence to be improved upon. I play this game and sometimes, I don't even know what competition I'm playing next even though its on the schedule board in-game. I would like the media to become an active part in both pre match and post match asking questions that stimulate your nerves and give more appetite for the game. Articles should also be produced and sent to your inbox giving you detailed match information on the position of that team, their form, what the fans think of the game and stuff like that, something almost like in football manager. This third one might be a hard one but I believe it should also be worked on, that is THE COACHING STAFF. I play the game without actually knowing what manager I'm up against and their history, what tactic they like to employ, individual and collective trophies they have won, and their coaching staff. Even me personally as a manager should have a coaching staff, and be able to hire and fire if I want to. Even if I don't want to use all the advice that comes from them, at least they should be there, it could give you more insight on the tactical approach to employ. Thanks. I really expect to see these changes in the coming SM22.
  14. Hey, great suggestions SaltyChancellor, these are really great suggestions that you have put forth. I totally agree with you that manager jobs should be advertised based on how well the manager is performing and not necessarily where. I also suggest that the system of job applications and advertisements from SM20 should be combined with the current system in SM21 in the upcoming SM22 game. I believe that the system where teams personally contact the manager like in SM20 should be reinstalled and the system whereby a manager could apply for open job vacancies in this current SM 21 should be put together. I also agree with you concerning international breaks and friendlies, and I think it would really be a great addition in the upcoming game if they can add international breaks; featuring international competitions for various countries. Finally I agree with you that when international breaks are put in, recalling players should be an option except its against the player's desire.
  15. Hey PHrubo, I don't agree with you in all but the third point you made. I feel that substitutions should still be made manually because that is why you are the manager of the club, you have sole authority to influence the game and you want those decisions to come from you, not made by the computer. Imagine you are losing a game and you need to make a change, would you want the computer to make a change for you, NO! You would want to be the one making those change, maybe all I can agree with you on is that suggestions could be made on changes to be made but not changes made by the computer itself. Secondly, automatic loans would also not be great because of the point I have made earlier, as a manager you want to be able to control every aspect of the game. Lastly, I think I agree with you that the bug of the game timer should be fixed, its gonna make it more realistic.
  16. Hey Marin, I don't understand exactly all your points except 1 and 4. For the Korean name, I think its not a mistake but just a format used by the developers of the game to shorten the name because Asian names are usually very long, and mind you, its not only done for Asian names but there are a couple of names I don't know off the top of my head that have been shortened so I don't think that should bother you much. For the fourth point, I think there are already a couple of second division clubs in the game so I don't really know exactly what you mean. For England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, USA, and many more, the game has leagues that even extends beyond second divisions down to even like fourth divisions. I don't know about Korean leagues though but if that's what you are referring to for an addition, I guess its a good point and I believe the additions might not be too easy for the game developers but we would eventually see it coming around. Thanks.
  17. Hey Muhammmad, I believe SM is working on adding the Malaysian Language and its league. As you know, English is one of the most used languages in the globe its only natural for SM to use it as a default language in-game.
  18. Hey, I totally believe SM is working on that and we would soon get the access to Indian leagues, its gonna be fun.
  19. Hey Momim, I don't know the Nokia you are talking about but I want to believe that it is one of the latest Nokia devices which are touch screens. Also, Theo (SM support) said that SM was made incompatible for some devices because they are too sub-standard for the optimal experience of the SM 21 game, so I suggest that you could either get a laptop to play it on or if your phone is a supported device, then you probably should be able to play the game.
  20. Absolutely right Theo, Pc's are the best!!!!!
  21. I completely agree with you Arthur that the advertising and the internet use of the game diminishes the height of consumer experience but I believe that this is the only way the game could actually make money, through being paid for ads and through people using the internet. I completely understand that people who don't have internet find it hard to enjoy the game but people who do have internet even enjoy it more so its kind of a fair argument. Also, I believe that these perks are just perfect substitutes compered to when you have to pay for the game like FM, but SM is completely free. You don't want them to run out of business, do you?
  22. Hey good day salty Chancelor, I believe SM is working hard on adding International teams and all the competitions that takes place with international teams. It would only take time and I fully support your idea. Looking forward to be able to use the USA to win the world cup!!!! πŸ˜‚
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