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  1. Hi there, First time player here. I picked up this game after finding the 2016 version on steam a day or two ago... instantly hooked! then i find this Version so there goes my Saturday! I can't believe this game is free to play! OK so it might not be the Rolls Royce football manager simulator that shall not be named but this game blends both the arcade and the simulation aspects of this particular 'game genre' so well! I really enjoy being able to take control of high level club functions as well as managing the team and this game executes those options well. And when i said free to play, I mean free to play! I've gone straight in with a low league team and worked the magic without the need for 'pay to win' credits! Another aspect of the game is that it has both a very polished and uncomplicated UI, but also a clearly detailed, well engineered and fine code base powering this! So with that, And having enjoyed my first few hours so much I felt compelled to part with some of my cheddar as a way of thanking the devs. It's the right thing to do! you guys deserve everyone's appreciation! The only issue i found was that i didn't want to cheap out and just get the smallest thing so i looked at the combos, the small is nice, but then i was getting concerned i would OP my save with this stuff. i appreciate you can buy each thing individually but who doesn't want a combo deal?!? I had a though about how you could maybe add a feature to allow us to pick between a few ratios of the items and set a price then see how much we get using those settings... for example... (if you select high or low in one it removes that option from the others. Normal is the exception, its always selectable) Credits dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Points dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Coins dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Value To Buy: $/£_________ You get: x Credits x Points x Coins Buy? Some other thoughts... Being able to hire, train and fire staff and entrust responsibilities. (director of football - could do contracts and sign players etc) Allow us to search for sponsorship deals, image rights, stadium naming rights, training ground naming rights Adjust (season) ticket prices, food and beverage prices, shirt replica cost/quality/prices, merch prices, rent stadium for events pricing. Allow us to upgrade/modify non-football infrastructure - merch, pr (profile, local events/offers, youth), groundsmen, mascots - cheerleaders, medical, stadium infrastructure, training ground infrastructure Control of arranging friendlies and off season tourneys More media interaction, and some team/player communication both in and out of game High risk corruption options.. (intimidate refs, fix a draw, get a red rescinded) get caught big fine, fired etc. Apologies for the essay. I really love this game! I was working to make one myself. you have all the key features i wanted in a game! Thanks for this.