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  1. Players value in the game is extremely stupid i have a 24 yr old with a rating of 94 and for some reason i dont get his value is 47.5m euros A very stupid value if you ask me
  2. The game always keep seizing I cant play 2 matches in a room without the game seizing and making me lose progress and they said they made it online to save progress but it is even worse now Way better in sm 2020
  3. The game keeps seizing please work on it immediately And players value is not right at all i have a 24 year old plate with a 92 rating and he is valued at 58m euros even though he has constant game time. And also make the game offline like sm 2020 this sm 2021 overheats phone and keeps stopping. I would like if you could reply me with a way forward and i can provide good ideas on how to improve the game more other than that i like the new features added except the counter offer feature. It doesn't work at all i always tried to counter offer but it changes nothing.
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