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  1. If using steam make a regular backup: directory C://users/[username]AppData\LocalLow\Soccer Manager Ltd\SM21 make a regular backup of SM21_save_0 (experience of this in previous versions!) Then if you make a mistake or it crashes and breaks you can restore your backup copy of this file
  2. If you start steam in offline mode it stops loading at 50%. If you restart steam in online mode it opens. Bug or feature?
  3. Sometimes a goalie takes a freekick and all 10 opposition players form a bank so the goalie passes it to them as none of his players are on the screen. Why?
  4. looks like the steam store is down
  5. Hi Theo How do I find the sav file on my android phone? By the way look at other dicussions about fast players and its the same issue Thxs
  6. BeeLen

    Speed Glitch

    Look at fitness level. I've cme across a player with 4186% fitness. I've also reported it as a bug.
  7. First friendly match on SM2020 just doewnloaded off google play and Salford have a player called Threkeld who has fitness level 4186%. Seriously he runs 4000 times faster than any other player. Major bug as fitness levels should not exceed 100%
  8. I want (2). I want to play other teams than in the league as per real life so play a non-league local team.
  9. I agree. And its easy to switch to 4-3-3 with same players if its not happening in a game you can send your playmaker deeper
  10. My board keep telling me my wages (1.3M p/w) are over the income per week. Yet they are within the budget and I have well over Β£100 million in the bank and when I sold some players to break even for teh season these reportes kept coming in.And the financial confidence in me is poor
  11. Happened to me. In the end I transfer listed him. Then I saw the offer to withdraw offer so then made a new offer and found it was the right players name and he accepted the offer
  12. The inability to arrange pre-season friendlies is not something I like. 1) I'd like to choose who to play - I don't want to play other Premier League teams 2) The scheduling is crazy: vs Tottenham 20 Jul 2024 vs Newcastle 27 July 2024 vs Stoke City 03 Aug 2024 English Shield match vs Chelsea04 Aug 2024 Super Cup match vs Man Utd 09 Aug 2024 1st PL match vs Liverpool 10 Aug 2024 So playing 2 games within 24 hours twice is crazy. I know about squad rotation but you really need best XIs against Man Utd and Liverpool
  13. It would be better for training if you could focus the training on individuals rather than having drills that are suitable for some players but not others, or at least allow more than one goalkeeper to improve a week
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