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  1. Do you know when they are going to make the squad update available?
  2. I so much love this game but we need update transfers 

  3. When will we have update transfers the transfers window is currently closed
  4. Football manager saga is much more advanced than sm21 we need update transfers we need a more advanced and realistic match gameplay engine there are not much things to be done in sm21 like you can’t trade players you can’t fine a player no press conferences in the game @Emils WE!!!! NEED!!!!! UPDATES!!!!!! at least we need update transfers to enjoy sm21 https://community.soccermanager.com/profile/116-theosm-support/ @Theo(SM Support) please😭😭😭
  5. Yes bro they are loosing costumers
  6. Common SM21 we need update transfers cavani, facundo pellistri, amad Traoré, allex tellez all in Manchester United now please we need update this week am on my knees please am really addicted to this game and I am finding it difficult to enjoy it due to no update transfers
  7. We need update transfers like Suarez is still in Barcelona lol
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