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  1. Not even close. I don't even know, how to do that 😆😆😆. I've just downloaded game, installed first pack from list and was going to waste some time 😁 i've started new game after updates, and still don't have this problem. But, it looks like there is no life after 1.04.2027 😆😆😆😆
  2. That's really annoying. You can't give some rest for your key players and if you reached ucl/uel in previous season - welcome to hell. You have to choose between low physics or low morale. Your players crying that they don't play enough after FIRST time you gave them rest.
  3. Goalkeeper from first pic played less than a season and started from 41. And that's a third season for striker. His price is nearly close to price of whole club from real world, like Hoffenheim or Bayern Leverkusen
  4. Noted that some players with low ratings and low potential having too big progress. They're reaching 99OVR very fast, and you can't sell them because of unreal price. Everything on screenshots. They have low morale because I can't pay them enough. They want about 1.5 billions per week and 3.5 billions per sign
  5. I have same problem on Meizu. It can't even charge properly while game is launched. But luckily, without overheat
  6. Same thing. Also, fans morale decreasing after a few draws in a new season, no matter if you won everything in your country and reached ucl semi-finals with team from Ukraine. And payers who wants to play in better clubs got upset that I don't let them go, but there was no offers for them and when i put them in transfer list they got upset even more and nothing can change that
  7. Hi all. Noted some problems: I'm playing with Dynamo Kiev. After first season we won league, cup, supercup and reached semi-finals in UCL (if I could reach it in real life, fans would put my face next to Valeriy Lobanovskiy's monument). But: my best player is 21 y.o. with 77 rate and 91 potential wanted to leave at the beginning and nobody wants to buy him. Also morale of my players are very low, they playing almost all matches and still crying, that I don't give them enough time. And fan's morale is also very low, they want to get rid of me after a few matches in my second season. And there's also some weird things with potentials and trainings. Players with lowest potentials have the biggest progress in trainings while players with 90+ potential gained only +3 rating per season.
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