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  1. I have been playing SM2021 for two season and I noticed few bug. First, the game time for the players. I constantly playing my players each match but then I decided to drop him for a single match to recover his fitness. However, the player complaining and upset because he suddenly lack of game time. It's annoying. Secondly, I found this during second season. The players asking for wage increase. So, I offer new contract to increase their wage as they wanted. Unfortunately, even after they signed the new contract, they still have status stating 'is not happy his wage' and effecting their moral. Supposedly, if they agreed and signed the contract, the negative status should be disappear. Third, the game time negative status. I was promise the player to give them game time but I seem to broke my promise. Thus, in second season I give him more game time than previous season. Literally, every match where he is not injured or not recovering from low fitness. However, the negative 'broke promise' still attached. How to make it disappear? Fourth, the chairman is stupidly keep buying players even though I don't want anymore addition to my squad. Worse, he even blocked when I tried to release the not needed players he bought. Especially when my first choices or backup goalkeeper are injured. It's annoying. I can provide my team with free transfer if I wanted. I don't need the chairman keep buying players and make my squad full with incompetent players and somehow blocked when I want get rid those players. I found this so annoying and thought of uninstall this game if nothing updated from developers. I honestly would give low stars if this bug unfix.
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