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  1. I've put feedback on the app and also on the discussion but seen no response or improvements made. 1 - signing players and then they vanish to other clubs but the funds still being taken out of account 2 - only teams in same country bid on players 3 - credit vanishing 4 - on screen before game loads up as completely different team not your own. going to re install and give another go as like the game but please sort these simple bugs out for your gamers cheers Craig
  2. What has happened. This game is now unplayable for me. Credits vanishing. 3 youngsters bought and then two just end up at other teams and the money isn't returned. No teams from other countries bidding on players. Was going to give it one more go but it just goes from bad to worse with no improvements being made. Poor show guys. Surely you tested your own game before putting it out live. Devastated
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