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    I have attached two more players, AMC, also free players and likewise...they have moved with me from club to club. Please let me know if you have better players for same price range or cheaper.
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    Kevin Luckassen - free transfer (signed for 400k) at the start of the game. I honestly think he is one of the greatest players I have signed. I played in the lowest English League, too him with me when I got offered to some German club and then when I was offered the Stoke City, I took him with me again and when I was offered the Arsenal job...yet that is correct I took him with me again. He became my top goal scorer at all the jobs except the Arsenal job. I started a new game today (Arsenal job made me frustrated to a point of resetting). I started with Chester FC and guess who is signed first...yeah that's right...Kevin Luckassen. See attached. Let me know if you found anyone better for cheaper, please.