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  1. Thanks @Jabyrr! Come on guys, fix this stuff - it used to work, why not now? The pressure from the board can be a little stupid. I remember being 5 points clear at the top at xmas, I lost 2-0 to West Ham who were 3rd and the board told me they were disappointed with the result and things must improve! It's a game - you shouldn't be playing with fear of being randomly sacked! Please sort the player development feature out though.
  2. I would like to add further bugs: If you set more than one scout off to work, you only get the results of one scout anyway so having 6 is pointless The amount of times your player rejects a move because he is too ambitious is ridiculous. We are talking about 17 yeaar olds in my reserve team I have transfer-listed The training bug mentioned above deserves a second mention because it is truly ridiculous In addition, the players unhappy with wage is pathetic. I currently have 5 'Unhappy' players for not earning what they deserve - I offered them contracts with what they asked fo
  3. good luck mate. The rare occasions I have had a response, nothing has been fixed
  4. I have been an avid fan since 2015 I think it was. Great game. Superb in fact. Everything worked. I don't know what happened to 2019 and 2020. I must admit, 2021 is a HUGE improvement on 2020. Almost back to how the game was. However, there are some frustrations: When you counter offer to the extent the computer counter offers you, you're lucky to see a £1m increase on the offer. Otherwise they reject it. Player morale - I've had a defender extremely unhappy for 2 seasons for not enough game time. He had the most game time and appearances among my 4 defenders and
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