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  1. No, I just use default database. This player was hired by "owner" or just came from youth academy of my club and had 45 points of strength. His potential was about 45-58 and now is 99-58, so this is why I decided to report this. Regards, koko112
  2. Hi, In my team there was a young player from my academy which had an enormous fast growth of his parameters. After training his point value is increasing by 1, so after a half of season he had 99 value and doesn't want to stop growing. Now his value is incredible astronomic as you can see in the picture above. I sold him to other club for 2,5bn!!! 🙂 Regards
  3. Hi, I've got a problem with my stadium capacity. I started upgrading my stadium and reach level 4 almost at all parts, but capacity is still around 11k. Of course all builds were speed up by ads to the end - maybe there's a problem. Regards
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