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  1. I had encountered a bug where it doesn't let me continue my save anymore, so after linking my account to my google play I uninstalled the game and re installed it. I then signed in and it doesn't give me the load game option but instead gives me a new game option only. When i click on my profile though it shows all my previous stats. I read another report where the person tried it on another device but I have reinstalled the game on the SAME device. I was 12 or 13 seasons in and don't want to restart with a new save please help me figure this out. Thanks.
  2. hey, I am on my 12th season of my career and suddenly there is this big where it says the game has encountered an error and doesn't let me continue I really don't want to lose my progress by uninstalling the game as i have an amazing team full of youth academy or free agent players. Please help me fix the issue as I dont know how to save my progress if I uninstall the game.
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