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Found 11 results

  1. It turns out that the defender is one of the players who played the most in the season and in each game his morale is falling because he wants more space in the main team, even though he is the team's absolute holder. I can't understand it, and one more mistake happens when offering a new contract to a player, with a higher salary and even then his legal and bad situations do not update and his morale is falling even though the salary is increasing a lot.
  2. Kicking off the game iPhone 6
  3. There is currently no Concacaf Champions league and the history of the MLS cup is incorrect. Also there is no western and eastern conference, and the league table makes no sense. And the MLS Open Cup doesnt appear in the competitions tab. Please fix this, especially CCL, and add clubs to join the CCL like from Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Jaimaca etc.
  4. Venho através do fórum para pedir que atualizem realmente o jogo,pois gastamos dinheiro no game,então exigimos no mínimo que nossa exigência seja feita,e elas são: Real transferência de jogadores nós seus respectivos times brasileiros e outros para o ano 2020. Times em suas devidas divisões série AB do campeonato brasileiro. Melhorar os campeonatos brasileiro. Bugs de jogadas repetitivas. falhas grotescas por conta de bugs. Bugs de jogadas do tiro de meta e todos jogadores adversário na linha da grande área e o goleiro toca pra eles. Bug escanteios sem zagueiro. Bugs tiros de meta do adversário que seus zagueiros somem(DO NADA) e você leva o gol. Melhoria dos jogadores em campo. (Sistema anti hacker mais eficaz). No momento esse é que nós dando do jogo exigirmos,sabemos que é trabalhoso fazer o jogo,mas se for fazer que faça direito,sabemos que bugs aparecem no jogo,mas sabemos que vcs não estão corrigindo. Jogo tem muito pra melhorar,e ser um dos melhores,mas a despreocupação dos criadores do jogo em atualizar realmente o jogo está evidente. Desde já agradeço atenção e por favor responde em português Brasil. Grato !
  5. Dave-O

    Invalid Lineup

    I am going into my second season as SCR Altach in the Austrian Bundesliga after spending the summer transfer window buying Free Agents. However when I try to play my first friendly of the season this message pops up, any ideas? - Dave Added a ss of my team to see if you can see anything I've missed but it seems fine to me
  6. Why my premier league logo and the team change to default?
  7. Hi everyone! I've played Soccer Manager 2019 with São Paulo(a team in Brazil) and i won the "Libertadores" but i didn't receive the cup, as i if hadn't won!! In others Championships when you won,(As every Player should know hahaha) you receive a message saying that you won the cup, but when you won the cup "libertadores" and "Taça da Liga" in Brazil or another Country in South America you don't receive this message too. Please Fix them!! Thanks for making a Create game!
  8. Adwenkesebaakop3


    Anytime It gets to 1st September 2018 it crashed i need help. I can't get past 1st September 2018.
  9. I recently (February 17th) started a save with Manchester United. Things went smoothly at the start; however, before August even finished, Pogba, Sanchez, and Mata were sidelined with 10-12 week injuries. Then in December: Herrera, martial, and blind were sidelined with long term injuries. Now I am in February, and martial is just coming back; however, Sanchez, Lukaku, Rashford, and Ibra have all been dealt long term injuries with lukaku and rashford’s happening in the same game, and then Ibra in the following. Topping it off, Giovanni someone, a young striker I brought in in January to help fill the gaps, is suspended for 3 games. This means that, apart from youth players with below 50 attacking, I have no out-and-out strikers left in the squad, and only one player (Salah) that is fully comfortable with playing at striker. This also comes at the time when the FA-Cup, Champions League, and Premiere league title race are in full swing. And fixture congestion is arguably at its worse. This is absurd and horridly unrealistic. I want to continue my save because I like the business I’ve gotten done, but I’m worried that my squad is going to continue to be wracked by injuries until I’m basically forced to play championship and league one level players in the Prem and Champions League. Device details; BRAND: Apple MODEL: iPhone 7 OS: iOS 11.2.1
  10. I played the last game of the season, after i won it started loading and it didn't continue
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