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  1. Como puedo conseguir la versión del Sm18 en pc porque en Steam no me deja descargarla How can I get the Sm18 version on pc because Steam won't let me download it https://store.steampowered.com/app/743370/Soccer_Manager_2018/
  2. I suggest the maker of SM21 should make it possible for us to play the game without data connection. The cost of data in my country is too high. SM21 should be like SM20 NO DATA, NO PICTURES and TEAM LOGO. Thanks
  3. My attackers have good finishing skill (80+) but they aren’t well on the pitch. Often,they take 20+ shots in the game but only 2 or 3 are on target.Generally, they cannot keep 'even' one-third of their shots on target.
  4. I can't transfer back to the old team
  5. Jeje


    Please my biggest problem is that, why is it that after I developed a team and left it will still ho back to the way it was before? Like tactics, stadium and facilities, can you please explain this to me, does it make and sense to you guys?
  6. Please add match reactions, press conference room and match highlights Add goal replay. Friendly match, multiple play and career mode Work on the free kick, it's too predictable. The fans in the stadium should look real like in FM20. Work on the continental best team, best goalkeeper and best player. I see mo reason a free agent player will be nominated as a best player. Thanks
  7. Hey Sm20, I was wondering if you could add a few features... such as: Swap deals Pre contracts And can you add the serie c and d of italy Best regards Sal
  8. Please , I'm here to complain on how the world player of the year is being awarded to players with ratings below 60. If there is a way you can isolate the players with the highest ratings and award the player with the best performance with the award . It will be great. And please, I have an issue with the transfers. Add more transfer options like, trading players, 2year loans. Player + money deals. Thank you. Finally, increase the amount of leagues one can choose from to 10. It gets boring after you've coached all the leagues available. Increase player reactions and interviews of press conferences. Make it so that a rival coach or player can insult you, your players or teams. And after the match apologize if his team lost or jeer at you if he won. Adding more countries to the game, like in Africa, there's only one league. Please change that. Make it so that, a big star in a small team, can demand to leave to a bigger club when the opportunity arrives. It makes the game challenging.
  9. Team 🔘 eski takıma transfer yok 🔘 🔘 Madrid️ Madrid Chelsea️ Chelsea Milan️ Milan ❌ Madrid
  10. It has been exciting when waiting for release of SM20 and i expect a huge upgrade on the transfer system in SM20 but nothing has been change since sm18, sm19 and this... Come on SM, you definitely can do better than this.. It's 2020 now.. After more than 2 years of improvements on the games but we as fans of SM still don't see any upgrades on the transfer system? The improvements on match and AI has been great but the transfer dealings definitely make this game less enjoyable.. PLEASE REVAMP THE TRANSFER SYSTEM FOR SM21 22 23... 1. add in cash + player exchange 2. Release clause 3. Create simple conversations between player, agent, manager, seller club, buyer club & the board related to the transfer business to make transfer dealings more realistic 4. Add in transfer request for unhappy player ( something like in the SM game World) 5. Player contract renewals to make it more challenging.. add in release clause/ performance achievements based rewards / etc. 6. Preseason tour / winter break 7. Player relationship with manager, which is related to No.4 above 8. Board to adjust transfer budget based on match performances 9. Improve the youth academy!!! The chance of getting a youth superstar are so rare after fully upgraded!! Even if i getting a youth superstar, his development is so slow and potential rating not up to 90 compared to young free agents bought from the market!! SM is already good, but still can be a lot better!! Feel free to add in anythings you want to see in SM21 22 23.......
  11. d3ka

    sm20 steam bug

    two weeks of waiting for the simplest error to be repaired, then we get updates that shitly introduces and we still have a database problem
  12. dmitri


    I have completed two games task from freecoins and didnt recive any chips. To prove My point in attachment you can see screen shots.
  13. d3ka

    no data pack

    i want play sm20 on steam but i cant ://// helpp me
  14. Hello SM team, could you tell us when they will launch Soccer Manager 2020 on steam? It's really frustrating to be waiting all December for the game's launch and nothing happens. I never thought to say this but you disappointed me a lot and other players. Can you please tell us the exact day of release? Thanks.
  15. This game is still in early state and i would love to give my suggestion for future updates 1. Release Clauses 2. More new leagues and second leagues 3.Continetal Cup to be named Europa League and Champions League 4. EURO 2020 5. Talk to the players 6. Sponsors 7. Default Pack being sacked with all Badgeds and Faces 8. Having in all leagues u-21 so you can give play time for your young players
  16. hello @Theo(SM Support)@Alex(SM Support) if would be great if a function was added when only 4,000 people came to our stadium with 20,000 people, and that whole grandstand was not taken by the fans.
  17. Please let the new Sm20 be more realistic, I play the beta currently and the players ratings are to high...Messi and Ronaldo on 99 each it makes the game a joke that is why fifa set their maximum to 94 but soccer manager ain't FIFA/EA sports so yours could reach 96/97 tops. The gap between neymar and hazard is too much 96/93 they are on the same level please see to this . Also the players decision the final third of the pitch is bad especially attackers please see to this thanks.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCELQ8wrRNOcjQt02nyJnkZg Would be great to see some more new faces from the SM20 community over at my channel. I post RTGS, tactics and all sorts of SM20 content 😃🔥
  19. First things first , i know that there are not people playing this club . But to be honest the reason why i downloaded this game was just because i saw NK Osijek... there are is no game that has that ability with all face pictures , logo of the club and rest...Soo i decided to try my best and to try give my suggestion for this years game ... I would LOVE to see these thing that i added in a photos that most of them come at final game , The reason why i did this is also because we are still im BETA version... - So i added these things as my suggestion for NK Osijek. •New transfers •New updated faces •new starting 11 players •New reserves •players that are out in a team -Thank you for reading this suggestion and i would love to see these thing added in SM20 -To all of DEV TEAM , i can give you in inbox each picture of png for pictures players , if you liked these suggestions and if you would like to add these things •It tookt me over +4 Hours to make pictures , research and rest... •And I call all players to try to make same thing as i did 🙂 •DOMINIK GULIĆ
  20. For how long do we have to wait until next phase of beta testers come out...I would love to try new SM20 asap honestly...And im sure there are loads of lads waiting same like me.
  21. o sistema de transferência para se tornar mais real quando ganhamos um título, a recompensa em dinheiro é muito baixa e deve ser mais cara, dependendo da grandeza do título ganho 🤩
  22. So far I have not seen any Brazilian with beta access. Release for some and give us the happiness of being able to play
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