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Found 9 results

  1. When I refer to improving the notification tray, I mean that there are players from other teams who say something positive or something bad about the team.­čśő As you will improve the manager's identity, placing it a little better, with more design, it is preferable that the manager will appear on the press wheels talking about a match or a player, and that has gesture.­čĹŹ When the scout of the team gives us a preview of the match, it should also tell us in which way it is better to play. This is just an idea­čĺÄ They are ideas that I hope they take into account­čÖĆ
  2. International´╗┐ ´╗┐games and tournaments such as world cup, euro etc. Ability to skip games by using assistant manager or automatic simulation Better players from youth academy Filtering players using their rating as a criteria´╗┐ Better transfer budgets (ability to ask club for a larger budget) Cup tournaments such as coppa italia to be played over two legs Manager interaction with media´╗┐ Ability to train individual players Ability to substitute more than 3 players during friendlies´╗┐ Have a better preseason´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Possibility of coach being sacked after poor results´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  3. Let sm 20 come to players special training and skipping matches please
  4. I would like you to put an option to have 2 templates and not have to waste so much time making changes ... thanks for your attention
  5. Add trophy presentation when you win the league or a cup final to feel more rewarding In transfer: Add more options when buying a player, release clauses, player swap. Also when players and in low morale and want to leave the club they should be able to not negotiating a new contract and will either be sold or leave the club on a free. And a small feature to the game: player of the year; balon d'or
  6. I have a new idea that developers of this game could use in SM20. Imagine if you are smaller team and you need money , best way is to sell players for money right? But if you sell half of your team , your team will become worse so how about adding SPONSORS . Sponsors doesnt need to be Nike , Adidas , Puma and all that , it could be some random names sponsors because we all know issue with licence , but if you could add something like real names sponsors it would be really cool. Sponsors could be rated from 5 star that is the best sponsor and best money to 1 star sponsor to worse money , But hey you would still make some money!! ÔÇóThank you for reading and making this game having more ideas , Please writte your ideas so our developers could get some ideas from us , if you want to make best game you have to listen to players who are playing it daily... and taking there IDEAS
  7. Hola est├í son algunas ideas que tengo a m├ş criterio y experiencia personal de c├│mo podr├şa mejorar la experiencia de uno dentro del juego. - agregar mundial de clubes. - recibir m├ís ofertas por tus jugadores de otros clubes fuera del continente. - recibir ofertas de trabajo fuera del continente de que est├ęs jugando. - ventas y compras de jugadores m├ís balanceados. - premios a los mejores DT de la temporada. - mejores noticias y di├ílogos del sistema para no sentir que sea tan repetitivo el juego seg├║n pasen las temporadas. - que tu nombre este en la plantilla de jugadores como DT, as├ş almenos uno se sienta parte del equipo. - que el entrenamiento de mejores resultados a los jugadores. - poner 5 slot en lugar de 4 en la barra de entrenamiento estar├şa mejor. - agregar nuevas ramas de puntos de club. - arreglar la rama de academ├şa, d├│nde el poder encontrar jugador estrella no est├í habilitada. - poder saltar partidos. - al ceder un jugador a un club tambi├ęn pueda haber una propuesta de compra de ese jugador. - nueva m├║sica en el lobby ser├şa genial. - mejorar las entrevistas, y hasta poder poner fotos y noticias en el lobby ser├şa mejor para la interface. - mejorar interfaz del juego. - cuando ganes torneo o copa haya un festejo, noticias, cartas de tus jugadores de c├│mo se sienten. - menos publicidad o almenos poder evitarla, en la ├║ltima actualizaci├│n te sale una antes de cada partido. - que los ojeadores den mejores informes . - que la base de fan aumente si ganas torneos o copas. Si alguno piensa en alguna m├ís que se sienta libre de ponerla en la lista !.
  8. It would be cool to have mode like ultimate team , imagine all players have there price and make your dream team . That you could play Online or Ofline , informs , other special moments card ... It would have more things to do in game other then playing carrer mode which i love!
  9. Option´╗┐ to buy when loan More in depth ´╗┐formations´╗┐ along with more formations More questions from the media Be able to sign a player on a expiring contract [Example: 6 months remaining on contract] Option to choose up to 5 leagues and some other areas could also be improve as well
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