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Found 2 results

  1. Merader

    Injuries...MORE Injuries...!

    Clearly something is wrong after the last update or something regarding the injuries! 7 players are injured for 10-12 weeks in less than a month. WTF is going on?? Do you want people to stop playing the game? Because they sure will!
  2. Josephfischer


    I recently (February 17th) started a save with Manchester United. Things went smoothly at the start; however, before August even finished, Pogba, Sanchez, and Mata were sidelined with 10-12 week injuries. Then in December: Herrera, martial, and blind were sidelined with long term injuries. Now I am in February, and martial is just coming back; however, Sanchez, Lukaku, Rashford, and Ibra have all been dealt long term injuries with lukaku and rashford’s happening in the same game, and then Ibra in the following. Topping it off, Giovanni someone, a young striker I brought in in January to help fill the gaps, is suspended for 3 games. This means that, apart from youth players with below 50 attacking, I have no out-and-out strikers left in the squad, and only one player (Salah) that is fully comfortable with playing at striker. This also comes at the time when the FA-Cup, Champions League, and Premiere league title race are in full swing. And fixture congestion is arguably at its worse. This is absurd and horridly unrealistic. I want to continue my save because I like the business I’ve gotten done, but I’m worried that my squad is going to continue to be wracked by injuries until I’m basically forced to play championship and league one level players in the Prem and Champions League. Device details; BRAND: Apple MODEL: iPhone 7 OS: iOS 11.2.1