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Found 3 results

  1. soccermad

    Game Algorithm

    The algorithm of this game needs urgent attention. There appears to be little logical reasoning to referring decision, particularly on incidents worthy of a straight red card. Referees seem to send players off (straight red card) for unpredictable reasons such as a forward being sent off (straight red card) for pulling a defender's shirt on the edge of the defender's 18 yards box. Tackles described in commentary as studs up or dangerous only get yellow cards yet a shirt pull, 80 yards away from then pulling player's penalty box is worthy of a straight red card? When has the game rules changed to such an extent? It seems to me as though there are NO rules governing the color card the referee should issue for any given incident. The lack of Counter Attacking option as a tactical ploy should also be addressed. We have all these great choices such defensive, very defensive, attacking, very attacking yet I cannot defend then spring a counter attack. In previous versions of this game, the more I played, the more it seemed the game outcomes were predetermined ahead of time. This version is starting to follow the same trends and patterns.
  2. Marvel

    Does training do anything?

    The training doesn’t seem to be doing anything. The stats do initially go up, but them they go back down again? I dont think it’s because the players potential is capped because players like Donnarumma shouldn’t be stuck at 77
  3. Hi, Everyone I'm Elyel and I'd like to know if a finalised transfer can be canceled. Actually, I bid a large sum of money on a player in the middle of the season, but I forgot to scout him before doing so. He accepted the offer, and the transfer was completed (He will arrive in the team on the next negotiation period). I did scout him later and I discovered he didn't worth that much money. So I'm now deseperately looking for a way to cancel the transfer before the Negociation Period arrives... Can someone help me out in the cancellation of the transfer ? Thanks for your attention. Regards, Elyel.