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Found 2 results

  1. Simolol93

    "Unable to move player to reserve team"

    Hi to everyone, I encountered this problem when I want to move my 3rd GK to reserve and move back my 1st strongest one. With other players I don't have this kind of problem... Can you gently help me? Regards
  2. Dagzboss

    Problem with game

    I have been playing the game for a week now and everything's been fine I've come on today and I've got a game vs Rochdale I play the game win or lose and it finishes but on the summary page the main home page pops up and I can't do anything, I can't progress by pressing continue, I've found that if I go into facilities and click training I can continue I can't press nothing else, if I close the game down and restart open it I have to play Rochdale again like the game didn't happen, also I cant click on spotlight, free cash or the free footballs you can get, I press them and nothing pops up, I'll provide a photo if anyone can help, thanks.