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Found 3 results

  1. First up, sell Pied, Maia, Fonte and the loaned out 28 year old cb. Send Karnezis out on loan. Recall Leo Jardim, and Show(Make Show a hot prospect, don't make him a backup player.) Now buy Brandon Williams, Oscar Mingueza and Edson Alvarez. These will be easy signings as they have only one year left on their contract. Alvarez will be a good replacement for Fonte as he has 85 captaincy. Mingueza and Williams will be good substitutes. Upgrade scouting network once to get two scouts and then ignore the upgrades. Keep upgrading training and club zone and if you don't have enough money for training keep upgrading club zone as it is your main income booster. Totally ignore youth academy for the first two seasons. Now for the tactics. Use a 4-3-3 Attack with two stoppers, two wingbacks, two narrow playmakers, advanced playmaker, narrow wingers and one target man. Make Yilmaz a rotation player and sell him the next season. Use David at ST and Yacizi at CAM. Yacizi will be pen. taker while Ikone will handle the corners and Bamba will handle the free kicks. Convert mentality into normal and defence into own half while the other default tactics are ok. Next season you can buy camavinga and sell andré.
  2. "So, who doesn't like a fish?" Sorry I must apologize, this thing is definitely not around fishes, it sounds like it though. So we do have a RTG and it's a team who were recently relegated and are now hoping to get back up to the big time, and automatic promotion. Pescara. And i promise that i do not make fish references in this whole type up. Lets start with the squad and consider a few things: Pigliacelli and Fiorillo are 2 very good goalies one could be what you realise as a flop (sorry Vincenzo,) but they are similar in value and ability and it will be a battle to fight for their place in goal. The question is if we can do with one more though... The centre backs are freakin OLD Bovo, Campagnaro, and Stendardo are 34-37 years old. All in that range, and they take up a hefty chunk of the wage bill so we are to sell all of them. Easy. We will have to replace them though. There is another CB of 32 years of age, Coda, but i will sell him next season. Limited options in midfield and strikers Considering we do have more defenders than strikers and midfielders, we knew this would always be a problem so i went about rotating the reserves and the first team and the outcomers are people transfer listed(Bovo, Campagnaro, Stendardo, as well as rossi, milicevic and prioetti, as i am not using dmc's, just cm's and forwards.) I have replaced them with the following out the reserves: perrotta,carilo,selasi,barba and forte all joined. They are around 350-500k value but can have decent potential. They remain on standby. Bring... Them.... Home.... Because of the relegation, Zuparic,Biraghi, vitturini and mitrita have all been out on loan, but i cant call them back right now, which is sad. The good news is, we get 10m in sales I hope that you reading can help me with suggestions but i have already made a signing in the centre back position. I could not get players from Italy as they were either on loan or on high wages. So i signed Icelandic international, Hordor Magunsson for 1.7m so he can slot into the lineup for now. Unfortunately, i will need help on positions that i will mention last on the update. I only had time to play one friendly game against Cittadella, but let me tell you, the new overview is SICK in 3D, instead of the boring 2D. And this was the starting lineup in a 4-3-3(note that magnusson arrived after the game): Fiorillo,Crecenzi,Fornasier,Coda,Zampano,Benali,Brugman,Valzania(en loan),Ganz,Cocco,Baez(en loan) TACTICS: Tackle Normal, Passing Mixed, tempo normal, Mentality normal, attacking mixed, Press all over The closest i could get was a 4-3-1-2 to include 3 forwards, so i put the player with the highest passing into the CAM spot(Ganz.) After match, i was thinking "Jesus!" We won 5-0. 5-0. Pettinari got two from the bench, benali got one and Ganz got 2 from the CAM role. It was Ganz and benali which stood out most aswell, and they couldbe so important in the push for promotion. The last thing I wish to mention is the youth system, which i spent all 10 points on in making it better, so we could have some talents(or some people could think im mad.) Thank you for taking time to read this and can you please comment on players i could sign for this season in these positions: Striker,CM, CB and GK We have potential 16m to spend so it would be important to have a good idea of who to go for, and it will take the help of you guys. Thanks a lot, Shaun(180SG)
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