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Found 23 results

  1. Como puedo conseguir la versión del Sm18 en pc porque en Steam no me deja descargarla How can I get the Sm18 version on pc because Steam won't let me download it https://store.steampowered.com/app/743370/Soccer_Manager_2018/
  2. Team 🔘 eski takıma transfer yok 🔘 🔘 Madrid️ Madrid Chelsea️ Chelsea Milan️ Milan ❌ Madrid
  3. Hello everyone I just want to know when SM 20 release for everyone then am I lost all SM credits from SM 19? or I can keep them?I play via Steam. Thank you. (sry for my english)
  4. Hi guys, I was just wondering if SM20 beta opens on 1st August?
  5. Right so does anyone know how to successfully edit and upload data packs because I'm struggling to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated much👍👍
  6. Did you give up the game? No longer update leagues They do not update clubs with hiring and sales of players @Theo(SM Support) @SM Dev (Sam)
  7. Final RTG episode out next Wednesday on King Pacybits YouTube channel....
  8. I can’t connect this game to my wifi. It always says “please check your internet connection & try again” My internet works just fine as far as I know. I can connect it to any other app. Just not SM19.
  9. Hola está son algunas ideas que tengo a mí criterio y experiencia personal de cómo podría mejorar la experiencia de uno dentro del juego. - agregar mundial de clubes. - recibir más ofertas por tus jugadores de otros clubes fuera del continente. - recibir ofertas de trabajo fuera del continente de que estés jugando. - ventas y compras de jugadores más balanceados. - premios a los mejores DT de la temporada. - mejores noticias y diálogos del sistema para no sentir que sea tan repetitivo el juego según pasen las temporadas. - que tu nombre este en la plantilla de jugadores como DT, así almenos uno se sienta parte del equipo. - que el entrenamiento de mejores resultados a los jugadores. - poner 5 slot en lugar de 4 en la barra de entrenamiento estaría mejor. - agregar nuevas ramas de puntos de club. - arreglar la rama de academía, dónde el poder encontrar jugador estrella no está habilitada. - poder saltar partidos. - al ceder un jugador a un club también pueda haber una propuesta de compra de ese jugador. - nueva música en el lobby sería genial. - mejorar las entrevistas, y hasta poder poner fotos y noticias en el lobby sería mejor para la interface. - mejorar interfaz del juego. - cuando ganes torneo o copa haya un festejo, noticias, cartas de tus jugadores de cómo se sienten. - menos publicidad o almenos poder evitarla, en la última actualización te sale una antes de cada partido. - que los ojeadores den mejores informes . - que la base de fan aumente si ganas torneos o copas. Si alguno piensa en alguna más que se sienta libre de ponerla en la lista !.
  10. i have downloaded sm19 on my phone and i recently got the game on my laptop, now i want to continue with my progress from my phone to my laptop how can i do that cause i have already reached far on my phone, i reached level 8 and i dont want to start all over again please assist
  11. If you need help in sm19 with, players TO buy or players NOT to buy, or best young talent, highest potentials ETC.. Check out my youtube channel LINK:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5UwSdy0_au_nBakc-FhZrw YT name: Awesome VideoGame Vids
  12. Kenn

    Fucking bug wtf

    Look at this bug lately the game is full of bugs, I am waiting for you to launch update correcting the bug and with news in the game and update in the team squad. Because Brazilian teams are super outdated. @SM Dev (Bamber) @SM Dev (Sam) @SM.GASSKER
  13. On YOUTUBE Channel, i'm currently in doing a RTG with palermo, i got promoted to seria A and have a decent team... PLease check it out Youtube- Awesome VideoGame Vids
  14. i am a true lover of this game i am currently in year 2027 with liverpool and have a youtube dedicated to sm19 with 225 subs, and there a some stuff i would love to be added.. 1-simulate match 2-option to buy when loan 3-more formations 4-squad numbers 5-more questions from press 6-option to choose between EASY MEDIUM HARD to test your team strength 7- Finally, kickoff too choose to sides and see result
  15. Hello I wanted to leave some suggestions to improve the game and make it grow even more. You could always have transfer updates from players who have traded clubs in real life. I think I could put the option of switching players between teams (and also oferecer one player of the team to decrease the value of transferring another player) You could add regional championships and be able to choose against whom you want to play friendly at the beginning of the season. It could free to select all the countries when it was to start a new career. Could add technician to the teams, because then we would have to hire technicians too. Im from Brazil and I love this game
  16. So,umm, @Theo(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) or any other staff members, SM19 was supposed to out on Gameroom on the tenth of December. Its the 12th of December and the game isn't available for Gameroom or Steam. If you visit the link that you gave in your blog post for the Gameroom SM19,it redirects you to a SM19 Facebook page. I clicked Play On Gameroom. It launches my Gameroom and the game doesn't load but just shows a black screen. And im not the only one who has this problem. i've seen many other posts about this problem. So either release the FRICKING game for Gameroom and Steam or say why is the game delayed.😣
  17. Hello, Managers! We're excited to announce that Soccer Manager 2019 will be released worldwide on PC on December 10th The game will be available to play on Steam and Facebook Gameroom. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear any news! Theo
  18. hi everyone these are some ideas by me 1. clubs sell uniforms and earn money, and increase wages. 2. managers too have wages by sm point. important when you have several job offers. 3. skip game mode 4. AI clubs need to transfer players each other much more. 5. player swap, trading deal 6. 30 1st team players not 25 7. realistic player values and stats 8. non EU player number restriction in some europe leagues. 9. number decrease of the unrealistic Free Agent players who appear in some years 10. more various highlight scenes What do you think? comment below please
  19. i almost ended my second season but when i tried to continue , the game said that was an error on my saved file .. it also shows a match between free agent vs free agent ( playoff ) both team have no logo .. i cant continue the game and it keep repeating the same .. kind to give explaination or something else ?
  20. Hi developers, First of all, I want to congratulate all of your hard work in this amazing free football manager simulator, you are making great job! Please change the stadium of SC Farense ( 2° portuguese league ) because it's wrong, the currently stadium is 'Estádio do Algarve' but the correct stadium of this club is 'Estádio São Luís' ( https://www.zerozero.pt/estadio.php?id=1218 as you can see in this link ). SC Farense's logo doesn't have quality as the other logo team so would love if you change it for a better one. Also please consider to add an EURO COIN option, in order to play with '€', making it more realistic for european players. Thanks, I hope you see this and keep updating this fantastic game!
  21. i almost ended my second season but when i tried to continue , the game said that was an error on my saved file .. it also shows a match between free agent vs free agent ( playoff ) both team have no logo .. i cant continue the game and it keep repeating the same .. kind to give explaination or something else ?
  22. Its possible to increase the fan base? If yes, how it could be? By wining trophy’s, updating stadium facilities?. Thanks
  23. Hey guys, just your average sm18 player/actor/activist/youtuber/famous youtuber/YouTube sensation/ best sm18 player in the world here. Guys, we have a problem
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