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Found 12 results

  1. Good day everybody, I would like to complain a bit today about transfers. As you know, in one of the recent updates, transfers between countries were added and they kinda work, but they only happen for high rated players, mostly >80 rated players, but we clearly need those transfers for smaller rated players, since I can't sell a player that is 65 rated because only teams from the 3rd or 4th league make offers. Because of this, I had to complain a bit on your forum and hopefuly you will notice my complain. Thank you in advance, Sincerely, MasterNinja98.
  2. I think that we need an update where you can pause the game and make subs in quickplay beacuse you can do it only in halftime..
  3. Please what is going on... the game just said it's no longer compatible with my device and I've played 3 seasons already
  4. Now, I'll say this. I prefer sm20 for so many reasons over sm21... 1. Its easier to develop players... the system you've created isn't working... 2. Its offline, and that shit is gold 3. Training is automated. With that being said, please work on it
  5. Kicking off the game iPhone 6
  6. 1. I think squad chemistry should be a lil different, cuz if I buy a new player I hope he makes a quick impression and a good one like Bruno Fernandez in man u, mbappe in psg. Waiting to get chemistry full so that they perform is a bit frustrating 2. When I scout some player it sometimes shows the player wouldn't fit but that's not fair as a manager I should be able change my team principles. 3. It's just hard to win no matter how good your team is. No matter the tactics and quality. The tactics just don't work. My defenders are no where near their line even though I set a low defenc
  7. Matti

    Sm21 Beta

    Transfers are a little messed up The game is laggy Most Players want to leave at the start Almost every player is unhappy
  8. When I refer to improving the notification tray, I mean that there are players from other teams who say something positive or something bad about the team.😋 As you will improve the manager's identity, placing it a little better, with more design, it is preferable that the manager will appear on the press wheels talking about a match or a player, and that has gesture.👍 When the scout of the team gives us a preview of the match, it should also tell us in which way it is better to play. This is just an idea💎 They are ideas that I hope they take into account🙏
  9. I know its going to be difficult and will be done gradually over the years. But can you at least enable friendlies between international teams. We need to play international football once in a while. You can do a test run with an update to sm20 to see how fans react to it.
  10. I can't transfer back to the old team
  11. Hi I was wondering if you could make a create a club mode in soccer manager for next year as it will attract more people to play the game as it would attract customers and that will make people play as it would give them a chance to customize and personalize their own team have in the game and create their own players this would help them financially and it could be profitable so I was wondering if you could test it out and try and analyze what you could do to implement it in next year soccer manager I have been a big fan and I want the game to do well so I am willing to test it out and work w
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