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Found 3 results

  1. The release of the new soccer manager game , SM22 in the past few days has attracted different opinions and as the rating can tell, more negative ones. The developer got many fans of the game excited about the game through the sneek peaks only to end up launching something less than the expectations of the people. I for one I am totally disappointed. In sm21, I gave a full star rating but for Sm22 so far even with the update released today, I am dropping a one star rating (sadly no halfstar). Worse still the admin reply to emails has been awful. The big question is, what happened to the Loan to buy option and the Pre-Contract option promised. Those options were in the video and do not even work in the game. They don't exist. Was this a strategy to get people to download, obviously a bad one because it brought up the fraud heat. I really need a game developer from SM to reply to this post with an explanation because I will continue to drop a bad review for this game on all websites till the needful is done. when you guys do well, we give you the pat! And when you think you can fool us? Then we bin the game. 3.7 ratings in the first six days, it will get more worse unless something is done.
  2. I dont know if they will see it.But I have an idea for the game.U can add a praising button for players and teams.Like if we praise them,their fitness will go up a bit and they will get some stat boosts.Or a system to tell them what to do during the game.Example-press hard(start pressing hard),go for it(regardless of tactics,players will only try to attack),keep it tight(players will only defend).Hope u will watchb it
  3. 1. The loan system is broken. Like absolutely broken. Even transfers. Why would de bruyne join Liverpool??? 2. No concept of offside. 3. The team you are managing... No defender or wingbacks ever score(the highest I got was 3 goals and 2 assists in 52 matches). 4. Burns a lot of battery. 5. The board expects us to defeat everyone no matter who is the opponent. 6. The players get upset very easily. 7. It is never possible to get a job in another club within the same league or above... Sometimes even rejected by teams in lower leagues. 8. Teams in 2nd division are broke.
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