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Found 9 results

  1. When will soccer manger 22 be released
  2. 1. I think squad chemistry should be a lil different, cuz if I buy a new player I hope he makes a quick impression and a good one like Bruno Fernandez in man u, mbappe in psg. Waiting to get chemistry full so that they perform is a bit frustrating 2. When I scout some player it sometimes shows the player wouldn't fit but that's not fair as a manager I should be able change my team principles. 3. It's just hard to win no matter how good your team is. No matter the tactics and quality. The tactics just don't work. My defenders are no where near their line even though I set a low defencive line. 4. I should be able to sell players if they are not in my plans, they don't leave just because they are loyal or they are retiring which fills my squad cap. 5. It's funny in a match how world class defenders are dribbled past with ease by 70 rated players in almost every game. Defenders make blunders in every game which definitely ends with a goal HOPE THE FINAL GAME HAS SOME OF THIS ISSUES ANSWERED. BEST SOCCER MANAGER GAME SO FAR *GUYS PLEASE IF YOU FEEL THIS FEEDBACK IS LEGIT DO SUPPORT AND LET THIS BE HEARD*
  3. Good morning "Soccer Manager Ltd", I wanted to give you ideas for your new release "Soccer Manager 2021". The idea I have in mind is to be able to give the player the opportunity for the "national teams" to call the player to represent the country. Until the player reaches the best possible selection.Also that you can play the world cup. They could also make it possible for the player to create his own club in the country he most wanted. They are some of the ideas that I can give you, please I hope that you take into account my ideas and that soon you could answer me about my ideas.
  4. jeswinj


    Hi. I went on Soccer Manager a couple of hours ago, and I saw the date changed to 01/01/0001 and I had a unknown logo. I was just doing well for PSG, and then this happens. What happened and what shall I do?
  5. My channel is called King Pacybits and I have just under 2k subs Go check it out for awesome SM vids every week
  6. So far I have not seen any Brazilian with beta access. Release for some and give us the happiness of being able to play
  7. i am a true lover of this game i am currently in year 2027 with liverpool and have a youtube dedicated to sm19 with 225 subs, and there a some stuff i would love to be added.. 1-simulate match 2-option to buy when loan 3-more formations 4-squad numbers 5-more questions from press 6-option to choose between EASY MEDIUM HARD to test your team strength 7- Finally, kickoff too choose to sides and see result
  8. My saved cannot be find,and it has happened to me before
  9. This is SM19 no Available in Google Playstore, Please Fixed it
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