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Found 6 results

  1. 1. The loan system is broken. Like absolutely broken. Even transfers. Why would de bruyne join Liverpool??? 2. No concept of offside. 3. The team you are managing... No defender or wingbacks ever score(the highest I got was 3 goals and 2 assists in 52 matches). 4. Burns a lot of battery. 5. The board expects us to defeat everyone no matter who is the opponent. 6. The players get upset very easily. 7. It is never possible to get a job in another club within the same league or above... Sometimes even rejected by teams in lower leagues. 8. Teams in 2nd division are broke.
  2. In future updates bring in......: 1. Instant replay with zooming camera in and out! This should be in the pause menu and after goals and other key highlights 2. Highlights show at half-time and full time 3. Trophy celebration scenes! 4. A more realistic Goal.com You can make it look like a newspaper with headlines and full stories... Make it separate from our mail box! 5. More realistic awards winners and nominations, Its stupid for a player that played just one match to be nominated not to talk of winning! The third picture.... He wasn't even nominated! Our players never win awards except GKs 6. Post match conferences! And more interaction with the media
  3. This game is still in early state and i would love to give my suggestion for future updates 1. Release Clauses 2. More new leagues and second leagues 3.Continetal Cup to be named Europa League and Champions League 4. EURO 2020 5. Talk to the players 6. Sponsors 7. Default Pack being sacked with all Badgeds and Faces 8. Having in all leagues u-21 so you can give play time for your young players
  4. First things first , i know that there are not people playing this club . But to be honest the reason why i downloaded this game was just because i saw NK Osijek... there are is no game that has that ability with all face pictures , logo of the club and rest...Soo i decided to try my best and to try give my suggestion for this years game ... I would LOVE to see these thing that i added in a photos that most of them come at final game , The reason why i did this is also because we are still im BETA version... - So i added these things as my suggestion for NK Osijek. •New transfers •New updated faces •new starting 11 players •New reserves •players that are out in a team -Thank you for reading this suggestion and i would love to see these thing added in SM20 -To all of DEV TEAM , i can give you in inbox each picture of png for pictures players , if you liked these suggestions and if you would like to add these things •It tookt me over +4 Hours to make pictures , research and rest... •And I call all players to try to make same thing as i did 🙂 •DOMINIK GULIĆ
  5. Option to buy when loan More in depth formations along with more formations More questions from the media Be able to sign a player on a expiring contract [Example: 6 months remaining on contract] Option to choose up to 5 leagues and some other areas could also be improve as well
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