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Found 8 results

  1. First up, sell Pied, Maia, Fonte and the loaned out 28 year old cb. Send Karnezis out on loan. Recall Leo Jardim, and Show(Make Show a hot prospect, don't make him a backup player.) Now buy Brandon Williams, Oscar Mingueza and Edson Alvarez. These will be easy signings as they have only one year left on their contract. Alvarez will be a good replacement for Fonte as he has 85 captaincy. Mingueza and Williams will be good substitutes. Upgrade scouting network once to get two scouts and then ignore the upgrades. Keep upgrading training and club zone and if you don't have enough money for training keep upgrading club zone as it is your main income booster. Totally ignore youth academy for the first two seasons. Now for the tactics. Use a 4-3-3 Attack with two stoppers, two wingbacks, two narrow playmakers, advanced playmaker, narrow wingers and one target man. Make Yilmaz a rotation player and sell him the next season. Use David at ST and Yacizi at CAM. Yacizi will be pen. taker while Ikone will handle the corners and Bamba will handle the free kicks. Convert mentality into normal and defence into own half while the other default tactics are ok. Next season you can buy camavinga and sell andré.
  2. Pls dear sm21 team. The game is awesome except the actual game itself. You have made the game extremely impossible to win. Its hard to use lesser teams as tactics are difficult. Please, we want a better game not a harder one. And please the use of data to load game should be stopped.
  3. 4-2-4 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Notice : MCs have roles as "Ball Winning Midfielder" AMR and AML have roles as "Winger" DCs have roles as "Stopper" DL and DR have roles as "Fullback" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instruction : General Width : Normal Mentality : Attacking Tempo : Fast Creativity : Disiplined Attack Passing style : Direct Attacking style : Through the Middle Fowards : Mixed Wingers : Play early crosses Midfielders : Mixed Defence Pressing : Own Area Tackling Style : Normal Back Line : Deep
  4. Hi all, My name is Juan Antonio, and I am a spanish SM player! I want to share with us how I got to make real this great challenge. I had played another game, where I had winned some competitions (two Champions League with Man.United and Southampton, an European League with Palermo, and some national leagues and cups). So, I wanted to do a real, complicated new challege: to do a career from an England 5th division team!! So, in this post, I go to share my experience. Come on guys!
  5. Four years in a row (la liga, champions league, copa del rey, European super cup, Spanish super cup)
  6. I need a tactic for the new version al my other tactics doesn't work anymore.
  7. What to do to qualify for europa league?
  8. What to do to qualify for europa league?
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