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Found 9 results

  1. Ahsen

    Change teams

    Heyy guys. I managed chelsea for 6 seasons. I want to manage some team out of England. How do I do it? All the offers I get are from English teams. Help.
  2. Denis227

    Bugs transfers

    Why are the Flamengo players not put up for transfer after several seasons. In particular, the player Gabriel Barbosa ??? played 2 seasons, but I can only add him to the rental list, what kind of nonsense ??? Correct.
  3. There is no meeting with this player. You have reached the limit set by the general president.I don't transfer.How can I transfer?
  4. Hello I wanted to leave some suggestions to improve the game and make it grow even more. You could always have transfer updates from players who have traded clubs in real life. I think I could put the option of switching players between teams (and also oferecer one player of the team to decrease the value of transferring another player) You could add regional championships and be able to choose against whom you want to play friendly at the beginning of the season. It could free to select all the countries when it was to start a new career. Could add technician to the teams, because then we would have to hire technicians too. Im from Brazil and I love this game
  5. stefan84

    Transfer bug

    Hi, I have a bug whilst playing were no transfers complete whether that be loans , bought player or free transfers , I negotiate the contact with the player the it goes to considerating without completing or failing though ....litterly months pass and nothing . Any ideas for a fix that doesnt take reinstalling?
  6. I always agree a fee for a player but I can't get past the player accepting a wage??? I have tried what the board are willing to pay and I've tried exceeding it. Say a player I have bid for has an wage of 15k the board are willing to go to 16k, I could off that or even double and the player will still snub my offer. I haven't managed to sign a single player that is worth signing. Any clues anyone?
  7. Hi, Everyone I'm Elyel and I'd like to know if a finalised transfer can be canceled. Actually, I bid a large sum of money on a player in the middle of the season, but I forgot to scout him before doing so. He accepted the offer, and the transfer was completed (He will arrive in the team on the next negotiation period). I did scout him later and I discovered he didn't worth that much money. So I'm now deseperately looking for a way to cancel the transfer before the Negociation Period arrives... Can someone help me out in the cancellation of the transfer ? Thanks for your attention. Regards, Elyel.
  8. i need to be able to cancel transfer i bought messi from barca as a joke but they actually accepted it and the negotiations went through but messi is old in the save and i dont want to waste 160 mil on him so i wish i could cancel transfers and why are none of my players ever on the team of the month
  9. Hello guys, I m playing for a few weeks and i see that my players on transfer list are only been sold to teams from the same league/country and not to other teams from other countries. (i have chosen 4/4 countries at the begging of the save) Has anyone notice it? For example, if you play in Spain, and you put a player on transfer list, then you will have offers only from Spanish teams and not from English teams or German teams. I have top class academy and top class new players and i don't want to give them to other teams from the same league!
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