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Found 4 results

  1. WolfFC

    Transfer wages???

    I always agree a fee for a player but I can't get past the player accepting a wage??? I have tried what the board are willing to pay and I've tried exceeding it. Say a player I have bid for has an wage of 15k the board are willing to go to 16k, I could off that or even double and the player will still snub my offer. I haven't managed to sign a single player that is worth signing. Any clues anyone?
  2. Hi, Everyone I'm Elyel and I'd like to know if a finalised transfer can be canceled. Actually, I bid a large sum of money on a player in the middle of the season, but I forgot to scout him before doing so. He accepted the offer, and the transfer was completed (He will arrive in the team on the next negotiation period). I did scout him later and I discovered he didn't worth that much money. So I'm now deseperately looking for a way to cancel the transfer before the Negociation Period arrives... Can someone help me out in the cancellation of the transfer ? Thanks for your attention. Regards, Elyel.
  3. warlocc

    cancel transfers

    i need to be able to cancel transfer i bought messi from barca as a joke but they actually accepted it and the negotiations went through but messi is old in the save and i dont want to waste 160 mil on him so i wish i could cancel transfers and why are none of my players ever on the team of the month
  4. Hello guys, I m playing for a few weeks and i see that my players on transfer list are only been sold to teams from the same league/country and not to other teams from other countries. (i have chosen 4/4 countries at the begging of the save) Has anyone notice it? For example, if you play in Spain, and you put a player on transfer list, then you will have offers only from Spanish teams and not from English teams or German teams. I have top class academy and top class new players and i don't want to give them to other teams from the same league!